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Summer Rejuvenation: Yoga on the Beach

by Ivanna Griner 12 Jul 2017

There’s no better season than Summer to do some beach yoga! Yoga is already known to be an amazing stress busting practice on it’s own, that helps flexibility, circulation and a laundry list of other benefits. But add some sun, sand and ocean to that mix and you get the ultimate rejuvenating experience that renews your body and mind. Here are some reasons why beach yoga beats indoor yoga any day:

Energizing Sunlight

Hitting the beach to get your asanas or poses on has plenty of benefits including sun exposure. There’s even a Yogic phrase, Atapa Snana, which refers to the healing power of sun bathing. The sun’s UV rays in excess are of course, harmful, but there’s also a lot of good energy that your skin soaks in if you get out in the sunlight during the sun’s low index hours. Moderate sun exposure, which has been defined by the World Health Organization as 5 -15 minutes just 2-3 times weekly, is enough to boost vitamin D levels and overall energy in your body.

The Advantage of Sand

Doing those yoga poses in the sand, which is unlevel ground, helps strengthen secondary muscles in the hips, feet, knees and shoulder joints. It gives you an edge over the even ground in gyms. Since you’ll be in the sand, you’ll want to wear comfortable yogawear with comfortable, stretchy material like cute, colorful leggings. The best yoga pants are stretchy, breathable material and the best part is - it’ll keep sand out!

Cute Beach Yoga Clothes

One thing every yogi loves, whether she admits it or not, is getting to rock cute yoga clothes! And if your yoga session is going to take place oceanside, you get the extra fun perk of wearing vibrant colors and prints! Floral leggings are totally trending for summer fitness clothes and feel super appropriate for the beach. Bright colors are making an appearance like vibrant printed yoga capris, pants and shorts and sports bras.

Fresh Air

No amount of air conditioning air humidifiers or de-humidifiers or even air purifiers are a match for good old fresh air. Fresh air, especially air that is around plants, trees and naturally flowing water, provides the body with a stable oxygen supply that also boosts the immune system, improves metabolism and boosts serotonin levels. Be sure to get the full benefit of the refreshing environment and the poses by wearing comfortable clothing. The right yoga sports bra will be just tight enough to provide support but not so tight that you won’t be able to comfortably and slowly breathe deeply.

Soothing Beach Sounds

Ever been to a spa or massage session and the therapist throws on some beach sounds? They use it because it soothes your mind and helps inspire inner peace. If a recording of the ocean can do that for you, imagine how much better the real thing will be!

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