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10 Quick Tips about Mommy & Me Holiday Dresses

by Ivanna Griner 26 Jun 2017

If there’s one thing on your mind when it comes to holidays, it’s getting those perfect shots of your daughter in her adorable holiday dresses! You love getting beautiful photos of her year round, but holidays are the perfect time to take extra special photos. Here are 10 quick tips to doing the holiday dress thing.

mommy and daughter matching fashion goals

Match Your Mommy & Me Holiday Dresses!

Here’s a our favorite tip: get matching mom and daughter holiday outfits! There’s nothing cuter than twinning with your mini me on special occasions - especially because you know there will be plenty of photo opps to commemorate the moment with for years to come!

Make Sure They’re Comfortable

Comfort is key; make sure the dress fits well, doesn’t have anything scratchy or too tight that might be uncomfortable. If the dress is not comfortable, your daughter will not hide it - she’ll be fidgeting and most likely won’t stay still for the photos, she’ll be complaining and making less than photogenic faces. Don’t ruin the memories because of an uncomfortable dress, no matter how cute it might be!  

Matching doesn’t have to mean Identical

You both don’t have to wear the exact same silhouette; you can both have the same, matching mommy and daughter party dresses that feature the same fabric and print, but different cuts. For example, yours can be a more form fitting bodycon dress while your daughter rocks a cute, empire waist look. Silhouettes are often best when they’re more age-appropriate while prints can be more timeless!  

Let Your Daughter Pick the Dress

Sometimes, it can be a challenge to get your daughter to play ball with you when it comes to matching; one way to do it is to let her pick her favorite dress or give you a couple options and then you follow. A little compromise goes a long way.

Make Them Seasonally Appropriate

There’s nothing cuter than looking back on holiday pictures that just scream that season; for example, the quintessential Fall photo is baby in a pumpkin patch. Make the clothes match the season perfectly; if it’s Fall, stick to the Fall colors; if it’s summer, make it a bright, floral, fresh look that will be a beautiful summer memory for years to come.

It Doesn’t Have to be a Dress

Girl’s clothes doesn’t always equal a dress automatically; If your daughter isn’t one for wearing dresses, there plenty of other options. There are so many other cute outfits for girls with corresponding, matching options for mom that feature a cute top + a trendy pant, legging or skirt.  

Pick Prints That Compliment Your Skin Tones

The most striking holiday photos always feature outfits that pop and compliment your looks. Whether you’ve got more golden skin, paler skin or darker skin, pick colors that bring out your features, hair color and pop against your skin and your daughter’s complexion for some truly beautiful holiday photo memories.

Choose a Theme and Background for a Holiday Photoshoot

If you’re doing a holiday photoshoot, try choosing a theme. For example, if it’s Christmas time, try choosing either a fireplace and Christmas tree scene; if it’s New Year’s, try rocking matching party dresses against a festive background. For a Spring or Summer scene, outdoors is always a great backdrop, so you might want to make the outfits light, airy and easy to be active in.

Choose a Dress She Loves to Twirl in

Young girls love looking and feeling like fairytale princesses - look for girl’s dresses that she loves to move in, twirl in, frolick and have fun in. It’ll guarantee that she’ll take good care of it and she’ll be happy in all day or night long.

Choose Dresses that Pop

You and your mini-me might be matching, but together, you’re supposed to be turning heads! Find dresses that express your personalities and showcase your trendy sense of style and set you apart from the crowd.

beautiful mommy and me party dresses

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