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Summer Wardrobe Essentials for Active Women

by Rebecca Gold 15 Jul 2020

Staying fit requires the right wardrobe - the fit girls know this all too well! If you don’t have the right fabrics and pieces to allow for movement, your workouts just won’t be the same. But what you wear for your winter workouts won’t be the same for your summer workouts. When it’s the middle of the hottest season of the year, a crop hoodie is going to be like a whole sauna! A long sleeved top is going to feel like an oven, especially if you’re working out outside. Get that summer workout wardrobe stocked with the right pieces to keep you moving comfortably under the hot sun. Here are the must-have summer fitness-wear pieces: 


A Matching Printed Sports Bra and Legging Set

You probably have loads of these sets in solid colors, but having a few sets of signature printed sports bra and legging is a must! Choose bright, vivid prints like palm leaf printed leggings and sports bras, lemon printed sports bra + the matching legging, floral prints, chevron prints, or whatever cool print makes you feel bright, joyful and motivated! The brighter colors will help deflect the sunlight instead of absorbing it like darker colors. Having a nice, printed matching set, you won’t feel the need to layer and cover it up which will keep you cooler and more comfortable during your workout! Get one...or five...and get moving!


Capri Yoga Legging

The Capri yoga legging is the perfect in-between length if you don’t want to wear such long, hot leggings but you also don’t want to wear shorts. The capri is long enough to keep thighs from chafing or rubbing together with excess sweat, but they are short enough to where it’ll keep you light and fresh throughout your exercise routine. Whether you choose a solid or printed pair, this piece is a must for those days where you’re just not feeling a short or super long length. This is the perfect compromise!


A Strappy Long-Line Padded Bra

The line between a sports bra and a cropped cami top is starting to become blurred. Thanks to the mainstream success of athleisure, it’s now socially acceptable to head out in a bra top that is almost the length of a normal top or just rock an actual sports bra. What can be more convenient? A Strappy Long-Line Padded bra is light enough to keep you comfortable during your workout but has enough coverage to where you can head to the grocery store right after and feel at-home. These camis look great, they feel great and they give you that straight-from-the-gym look without looking too inappropriate or revealing for running errands. Invest in this versatile piece and you will love how you can rock it for workouts and throw it on as a normal everyday cropped cami top, too!


Printed Biker Shorts

The biker short is totally on-trend right now and we’re SO thankful for it with this heat! This summer is blazing hot and a biker short is the perfect piece for keeping you light during a hot workout. The long length of the biker short means sweaty thighs won’t rub together uncomfortably like they sometimes do with shorter shorts. The printed biker short pairs perfectly with a loose-fitting solid top or a matching printed sports bra. Mix and match with a solid colored cami top or a long-line padded bra. This is one piece you just can’t go without for summer!

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