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Thanksgiving Twinning - Mommy and Me Outfits

by Rebecca Gold 20 Nov 2019

Waking up on Thanksgiving morning is always exciting, especially when you’re either headed to a big family dinner party or hosting one. There’s lots to do and lots of good food to look forward to! But trying to figure out what to wear can be daunting - especially if you have a mini me by your side who also needs dressing. If you want to show off those strong family bonds and how much your little girl is your bestie, how about a matching outfit or theme that both of you can rock? Here are some super cute and trendy Fall ideas for a matching mommy-and-me look.


Chocolate Brown

After such the neon summer that we had this year, featuring bright colors like lime greens and yellows, hot pinks and electric blues, an unexpected trending fall hue that is popping up this season is chocolate brown. This color creates an ultra-luxe feel and when worn in satin or metallic, light reflecting fabrics, really takes it over the edge. Rock a chocolate brown shift dress and pair with metallic gold accessories. Your daughter can wear the same or, keep the theme by wearing a chocolate brown satin top with jeans or leggings. It’s the perfect fall color and looks super on-trend!


Lace Glam

Another hot Fall trend this year is lace. Lace gives you a sophisticated, autumnal charm that really gives you that dressed up and intriguing look that is perfect for this time of year. It can also make you look very festive and ready for a party! Choose a lace sleeveless shift dress you and your little one can both wear, with fall booties or heels for a dressed up look or with flats for a more casual family party. An empire waist lace dress with quarter length sleeves is another great choice for you both. An extra perk with the empire waist dress is that it is the perfect Thanksgiving hack - because that after dinner puffiness you feel in your belly will be much more comfortable in a flowy empire cut than a form fitting bodycon.


Jeans and a Dressy Top

Maybe dresses aren’t your thing. Or maybe, the Thanksgiving function you’re headed to is to casual for a dress. Whatever your fashion mood is on turkey day, be sure to dress for how you feel. Jeans and dressy top + some cute fall booties is an adorable look that you can feel trendy and comfortable. Choose a cute lace top with some jeans and brown boots. A boho printed top is also a very Fall friendly aesthetic to go with. Lastly, if you and your little girl love rocking things you can easily twirl in but don’t feel like wearing a dress, you can get the best of both worlds with a floral boho tunic top with a hi-low empire waist cut. It’s an unexpected and stand out silhouette and will look adorable on you both!


Autumnal or Floral Printed Dresses

You can never go wrong with a beautiful floral print on a dress or floral print dressy top. Find a floral print shift dress with autumnal hues, like rust, fuchsia, browns and olives. Or, if you want to convey a more fiery mood, choose a red floral empire waist dress that your little girl will have fun twirling in. You can also choose to match your prints while alternating your silhouettes: choose a form fitting bodycon dress for yourself to show off those curves while you choose a mommy-and-me matching shift dress for your little one. You’ll both be the best mommy-and-daughter duo at the Thanksgiving function!

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