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What Wardrobe Essentials to Stock up on For Black Friday

by Rebecca Gold 27 Nov 2019

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and while green beans, potatoes, yams, turkey and cranberry sauce are reasons enough to get excited, the next best things are all the deals and discounts that businesses give during Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday! For the savvy shopper, this is the time of year to strategize. What are the best things to buy when discounts are high? If you’re a fashionista looking to stock up on some must-have wardrobe essentials, then it’s time to start planning out which pieces will give you the most bang for your buck this holiday shopping season. Almost no one has an unlimited budget for Black Friday shopping, so if you’re looking to take advantage of this year’s deals and make some seriously smart shopping moves, here’s our guide on what some of the best wardrobe essentials are for this year’s Black Friday shopping. 

A Good Pair of Leggings 

One of the best things you can invest in this Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping season is leggings. Leggings are an important part of any wardrobe. For the fit girl who works out every week or every day, this is absolutely essential. It can be hard to find a good pair that not only looks good, but feels good, is not see-through and is durable enough for wear after wear. To make each pair last, it is best to stock up on multiple so that you’re not wearing out the same pair. The strategy with a good pair of yoga leggings or workout leggings is to buy a few; a pair or two of solid black, a pair or two in different colors, and then you’ll want to find a few statement pieces. That means finding leggings that have cool, original prints on them - whatever you feel expresses your personality the most. There are leggings with almost any print you can think of - from leggings with cool chevron prints to floral printed leggings to leggings with even unicorns on them - find yourself a good pair of statement leggings and add them to your Black Friday shopping list! 



Bodycon Dresses

Everyone needs a bodycon dress or two...or five…in their closet. If you don’t already have at least a few, this is the best time of year to get one. Bodycon dresses are super flattering, hugging your curves in all the right places. When made with high quality materials, they can be long-lasting and timeless, staying on trend season through season. Invest in a few different bodycon dresses. Find yourself the LBD - the little black dress in a bodycon style, and then a white one. These can be your base picks for versatility, so they can be used for a wide range of events. Then go for some fun printed bodycon dresses. A one shoulder floral printed bodycon, midi length, is perfect for spring and summer brunches and parties. Find long-sleeve bodycon dresses for the fall and winter. You really can’t go wrong with this silhouette! 



Shift Dresses

The shift dress is such a wardrobe essential - depending on which styles you rock, good shift dresses can be worn everywhere from work, if you work in a business casual setting, to work parties, to baby showers, to bridesmaid events to sunday brunches - and then, when paired with sneakers, can even be worn for a casual day of running errands or going to class! Don’t sleep on the shift dress. It’s ultra versatile and there are so many different styles. Stock up on some solid colored ones, some dressy textures like lace, and then some trendy printed ones, like a boho printed shift dress or floral printed. Shift dresses tend to be looked at as a higher quality item, so they can sometimes get expensive. Take advantage of savings during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping season! 



Mommy and Me Matching Clothes

If you are a mom with a young daughter at home, this is the ultimate win! Mommy and me outfits are so cute but because they are a double buy, they can get pricey. This is the best time of year to nab some cute mommy and me outfits - whether it’s matching mommy and me dresses, mommy and me tops or mommy and me leggings and fitness bra sets, add Mommy and Me matching clothes to your Black Friday shopping list - it’s the ultimate mommy/daughter fashion hack.

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