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The 4 Best Travel Outfits

by Rebecca Gold 02 Jan 2020

Who hasn’t seen paparazzi shots of celebrities strutting through airports, looking effortlessly chic? They always seem so comfortable yet so stylish. There’s an art to traveling in style and it involves putting functional pieces together in a fresh way. Whether you’re taking a quick 2 hour domestic flight or catching a red eye and a few layovers to reach your destination across the globe, dressing for your journey will help you stay comfortable on the flights, regardless of if the cabin is chilly or lacking air flow, and help you clear TSA quicker. 


image via @kateeatsgood

Athleisure Chic: Leggings + Crop Top paired with a Maxi Sweater

A popular go-to with regular jet-setters is legging. It’s stretchy, comfortable, and flattering for any shape and body type. A good pair of leggings will smooth out your curves and create a more svelte outline. They won’t weigh you down and feel light yet insulated enough to help you feel comfortable in a variety of temperatures. Pair with a cute crop top, preferably short sleeved, so you can wear it underneath a maxi sweater or trench coat that will allow you to layer and adjust to varying temperatures as you see fit. This look is perfect for a pair of comfortable sneakers that can be slipped off and thrown back on quickly for nimble movement throughout TSA, customs and the gates.


image via @scarlett_brining

Feminine and Casual: Shift Dress, Dressed Down

Another great travel outfit is the shift dress. The straight silhouette gives your body room to breathe and move around. While this type of dress could be dressed up, it is versatile enough to be dressed down with a pair of comfortable sneakers or flats, like sperrys. To give it an extra layer of casual, rock with a plaid button down shirt or sweater tied around the waist. This also gives you an extra layer to throw on in case it gets chilly on the plane or at the gates.


image via @manjulasidhan

Soccer Mom Chic: Mom Jeans + a Quarter Length Sleeve Top

No need to overthink it; thrown on some cute mom jeans and pair with a quarter length sleeved top. This is the perfect length for travel because it offers some coverage in case it gets cold, but also, is not so long that it could make you hot if your seat happens to have poor airflow. Like with the shift dress, it’s best to pair with a sweater tied around the waist in case it gets colder than expected. The quarter length sleeve top can be solid or printed, or can be intriguing and chic with a lace pattern. Pair with a pair of flats or sneakers for optimal mobility throughout the airport.


image via @shaymeless_pursuit

On the Move in Style: Jogger Outfit

The hottest look in athleisure is the jogger outfit. It’s comfy and represents the ultimate in effortless swag. It is the physical embodiment of “I woke up like this!” Pair a color coordinated pair of joggers with a cute, matching crop top. Or, if you’re more on the daring side, rock a cute, printed sports bra as your top and throw a cropped zipper jacket on over the top. Rock with some hoops and pair of hot sneakers to complete the look. A cute jogger outfit is the next best thing to just wearing a sleeping bag or a snuggie during your travels.

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