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The Best New Year's Resolutions for 2020

by Rebecca Gold 25 Dec 2019

New Year’s Resolution season is upon us and it’s a new opportunity to set some goals for yourself as you head into a new year and a new decade. But before you start setting a bunch of daunting goals that aim to completely change your life, like “become a millionaire in a year” “lose 50 pounds in 6 months,” “travel to 10 new countries before the year’s end,” take inventory of your success in past years. Have you been able to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself? What were the habits you developed as a result and how did you feel after achieving or not achieving them? Oftentimes, setting unrealistic goals for ourselves could end up just discouraging us and serving as proof of why we can’t do anything successfully. This year, choose some goals that can be scaled down into daily or consistent habits. Choose something that can be sustainable and can help you feel better and grow as an individual. 

Here are some of the best and healthiest New Year’s Resolutions you can set for yourself in the new year: 

Attend a Fitness Class Twice a Week

If you’re looking to lose some weight or become more fit, don’t think that you have to go full force by expecting to hit the gym every single day or affording a super expensive trainer with 5 sessions a week. If your body doesn’t give out, your wallet might first. Simply signing up for a gym membership is also a formula for failure because you’ll have no one to hold you accountable. Try signing up for fitness classes like spinning, boxing, dancing, barre, and more! You can even find subscriptions that allow you to hop around and try something different until you find something you want to stick with. Going to a class helps keep you motivated to go since there are others doing it with you. For an extra push, invite some friends to come with you. You’ll make it a routine and even start looking forward to it. This is the key to the consistency you’ll need to finally see a difference in your fitness levels. Also, adding it to your calendar and setting up notifications can further help you stay on track with attendance. 


Be More Social

Are you the friend that everyone knows is a constant flake? If having a more consistent social life is a goal you have for the new year, consider taking on the role of being the girl’s outing organizer. Whether it’s weekly or monthly, take it upon yourself to plan and host a girls’-night-in where you drink wine, chat and play board games. Or be the one to make the reservations for brunch. This allows you to choose a day and time that is convenient and makes you feel accountable to show up. 


Spend More Time with Your Daughter

If your goal is to strengthen your bond with your daughter despite having a busy schedule, there are so many ways to do this! Start by finding some common ground between you two; do you both love being active? Sign up for a yoga or zumba class you can take together. Rock some matching mommy-and-me leggings or workout outfits to make it more of a girl’s day! 


Learn a New Language

This one is easy to let fizzle out - but just as easy to keep up with! If you don’t have thousands to spend on a personal tutor or a formal course, there are plenty of other ways to learn a new language. Start by using apps like Rosetta Stone or Duo Lingo. Apps often send you notifications to remind you to do your daily or weekly lesson. You can also subscribe to some Youtube channels with native speakers who have language teaching channels. Add a show in your language to your weekly show repertoire. If you use Netflix, google popular shows in the language you want to learn and make it a go-to show, with subtitles. Make it a habit to do one or all three of these things and you’ll start learning in no time! 


Become Vegetarian or Vegan

This isn’t just a hot fad that is due to fizzle out; vegan and vegetarian represent the future of eating. There has been tons of information shared and proven of the downside of the farming industry, both for the animals that are farmed and for the humans that consume them. There are tons of benefits to becoming vegan or vegetarian. If you’ve made it your New Year’s resolution, chances are, you already know what the benefits are. Research meals to add to your weekly repertoire; find tasty replacements for meats and animal products online; join a Facebook group or follow a blog, vlog or listen to podcast to start interacting with other vegans and vegetarians who can give you ideas about what to cook and how to overcome cravings. 


Any goal can be doable as long as you find a way to convert it into a sustainable, daily or weekly habit that you can keep up with. Stay consistent and you’ll begin seeing results in no time!

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