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The Perfect Gym Outfits for Every Zodiac Sign Part 1 (Capricorn - Pisces)

by Rebecca Gold 01 Mar 2023

What’s your sign? Let’s talk fashion choices by zodiac sign - specifically for the gym. We all know every sign has their signature tendencies - even when it comes to fashion choices. So what does a practical Capricorn wear to the gym versus an artsy Aquarius? What does bold Leo wear to cardio boot camp and what does sensitive Pisces wear to yoga? Let’s find out! 

What Capricorns Wear to the Gym

What Capricorns Wear to the Gym

Diligent, ambitious and disciplined Capricorn values practicality and comfort above all else. You won’t catch a Cap rocking bright neon patterns or flashy designs (for the most part) - and if they do they’ll have a compelling reason to do so. Capricorns might not admit caring about fashion - but you’ll be hard pressed to find one looking anything less than sharp and refined.

Because of their no-frills personalities, they tend to choose solids and neutrals that can be mixed, matched and repurposed for other occasions. Comfy basics means black sports bras and biker shorts, red sports bras and matching red leggings, navy blue athleticwear, matching hunter green gym sets, and other looks that look timelessly expensive. The practicality here comes into play with versatility; a Capricorn will keep things streamlined by wearing looks that can take them from the gym to the mall, or vice versa; from errand running to the treadmill with just the addition or subtraction of an outer layer.

What Aquarius Wears to the Gym

What Aquarius Wears to the Gym

For a sign that is so close to Capricorn, Aquarius couldn’t be more different. Creative and philosophical aquarius isn’t tied to tradition and rules; they aren’t governed by what others think of them or seek to exude status. So you can throw out all those sartorial rules out of the window. Aquarius is a free spirit that figures out patterns and systems very quickly - that means they also biome bored with it all pretty quickly. These air signs tend to be unconventional and unique; their style will be eclectic and expressive of their individuality.

An Aquarius is likely to rock blues, turquoise, mint, and yellows. They gravitate to ultraviolet and bright colors with a refreshing feel to it. They’re not afraid to break the rules and the trends, so don’t be surprised if you see an Aquarian rocking leopard print mixed with snake print; or a turquoise or blue sports bra paired with yellow leggings. An aquarian doesn’t care what you think about their style - only how they feel about it. Guessing what an aquarius will wear to the gym is almost impossible; they’ll keep it exciting and unexpected. They are liable to wearing bright floral printed activewear, metallic pieces mixed and matched with colorful high socks and bright-colored sneakers. This is the zodiac sign that is all about forging their own rebellious path in all that they do in including their gymwear, so expect the unexpected!

What a Pisces Wears to the Gym

Intuitive, sensitive Pisces wears their heart on their sleeve. They have a dreamy fashion sense and often choose light fabrics and exude an ethereal vibe. They’ll float into a room like an aqua fairy, bringing all the good vibes. This water sign tends to choose soft blues and silvers, whites, lilac, greens and pastel shades. If it feels good and exudes softness, that’s Pisces all day. You can expect them to rock white sports bras and leggings, or a turquoise matching set. This sign likes to wear layers and loose-fitting fabrics so you will likely catch them wearing loose cotton tank tops or comfy crop tops with their leggings. Or they might wear a long-sleeved gym crop-top with a pair of baggy sweatpants and white sneakers. Because Pisces gravitate to aquatic feels and colors, don’t be surprised if you see them rocking fish scales or iridescent, mermaid printed leggings, matching mermaid sport bras, or seafoam green colored pieces. Other aesthetic feels a Pisces would love to wear include boho printed activewear, blue or turquoise palm-frond prints, blue and green glitter-printed activewear sets, peacock-printed yoga wear, or cotton-candy prints. If it makes you feel floaty, dreamy and positive, it’s a signature Pisces look for sure!

What a Pisces Wears to the Gym

What a Pisces Wears to the Gym

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