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The Perfect Gym Outfits for Every Zodiac Sign Part 2 (Aries-Gemini)

by Rebecca Gold 08 Mar 2023

Continuing our Zodiac fashion series, we’re moving on to the next signs: Aries, Taurus and Gemini!

What Aries Wears to the Gym

What Aries Wears to the Gym

One of the boldest and most fearless signs of the zodiac is Aries. This fire sign is known to be an ambitious leader that motivates others with cheerful energy and relentless drive. Aries is the 1st of the zodiac signs and carries the torch into the darkness, lighting the way with their blazing confidence. Astrologers believe that each sign carries the lessons learned by the preceding sign but since Aries is first up, there is nothing for them to absorb from before; they forge ahead with a blind optimism that sometimes results in them learning the hard way; but they don’t stay down for long before getting right back up and pressing on. 

Ruled by Mars and named after the Roman God of War, Aries might have hot tempers, but their outbursts don’t last long. On their good days (which are frequent, they tend to be upbeat and playful. This translates into their style. Aries gravitates towards statement pieces and bold colors that match the fire they carry inside. You can catch an Aries rocking bold colors like bold reds or oranges, and gold -  think a red matching yoga set that makes them pop and stand out; they’re not afraid of the attention and actually welcome it. Aries is a trendsetters when it comes to fashion; they’re daring and ready to rock!  When it comes to prints, think leopard print leggings and matching sports bra, other bold prints like stripes, zebra printed matching sets and other eye-catching athleticwear looks.

What Taurus Wears to the Gym

What Taurus Wears to the Gym

The steadfast, reliable bull is up next. This earth sign is dedicated to their own comfort in life. They are masters of figuring out what their way of living is - whether its with work, friendships or relationships - and sticking to it. They are not lovers of chaos or too much change. They figure out what works and rarely deviate from that. Taurus is uncompromising when it comes to pleasing themselves and feeling good and that means the only accept the finer things in life. When it comes to style, Taurus is similar to Capricorn in the sense that they appreciate luxury and comfort. But unlike Capricorns, they’ll rarely settle for a basic look; they also appreciate glamour and exude luxury. You won’t find a Taurus in a thrift store; they believe in saving up for and investing in high-quality, designer pieces. They want to feel as good as they look in the clothes they wear.

When putting together outfits, Taurus will often gravitate to timeless prints like houndstooth and plaid. They are all about quality over quantity. When it comes to activewear, Taurus wants the outfit to fit her perfectly; she wants a soft, smooth fabric that feels good on her skin and will allow her to strike every yoga pose or throw every boxing jab comfortably with no issues. If the material is moisture-wicking and seamless, hugging every curve perfectly and staying flexible and stretchy as she moves, that’s a huge plus. For colors and prints, Taurus gravitates to earthy browns and beiges, creamy whites and taupes. When she feels like adding a pop of color, she’ll go for garden greens and bright pinks that evoke springtime. Think a green sports bra and matching biker shorts. This sign loves rocking florals, so a floral-printed yoga set is perfectly on brand for this fashionista. 

What Gemini Wears to the Gym

If she’s turning heads and turning the sidewalk into a runway, you bet she’s a Gemini. If you have a Gemini friend, you already know you’ll never be bored when you’re with her!  This charismatic air sign is all about excitement and adventure. She flits around a room, full of energy and natural charm that wins everyone over. With her enchanting demeanor and captivating conversation, she will make fast friends and gain a gang of allies and admirers quickly. What keeps a Gemini engaged you might ask? Intellect and playfulness, razor-sharp wit and a clever sense of humor - all traits she has no shortage of herself - but is in a constant search for in others. She is adaptable and loves to find people to keep her mutable nature changing in new ways, like a leaf in the wind.

Her wardrobe is more than just clothes to her; it’s an extension of her self-expression. So to match her vibrant personality, Gemini loves wearing big, bold colors and prints. Even when hitting the gym, Gem loves highly saturated colors like electric blue, ruby red, bright yellows, and bright orange. If you can spot her from across the gym she’s totally fine with that. She loves trying out new things - daring cutouts, fun with geometric shapes, fun with splashy prints - that means she’s one of the zodiac signs you’re most likely to spot wearing multi-colored leopard print leggings, zesty lemon-printed yoga sets, sparkly or glittery activewear and matching sports bras, red strappy tank tops and matching leggings, fuchsia or magenta yoga sets, yellow biker shorts and other eye-catching sets. Her daring style sometimes borders on eccentric but the risk always pays off because she is such a trendsetter. However Gemini has a strong duality - she’s not necessarily ALWAYS in the mood for attention. Sometimes she is striking because of her subtlety. In these moments, expect to see her in a chic, all-black matching activewear set with her hair slicked bac into a bun, braid or ponytail, looking like a fitness ninja. She’ll always keep you intrigued and guessing! 

What Gemini Wears to the Gym

What Gemini Wears to the Gym

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