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The Perfect Gym Outfits for Every Zodiac Sign Part 3 (Cancer-Virgo)

by Rebecca Gold 15 Mar 2023
What Cancer Wears to the Gym

What Cancer Wears to the Gym

This sign is emotional and intuitive, often picking up on energies and just knowing things without a clear explanation. Cancers are known for being loyal and loving to those they hold dear, even to the point of being territorial and protective. They are equally as protective of themselves as they are their loved ones so they put on a hard shell of an exterior, like their symbol animal, the crab - but once you get to know them (which may take a while) you’ll find a compassionate, kind, and gentle soul at the core.

Sweet, sensitive Cancer is a zodiac sign known for wearing her heart on her sleeve. Cancers' sentimental side is manifested through her love of classic and elegant design. The characteristics of the Cancer style are romantic accents, feminine shapes, and soft, smooth fabrics. They value comfort, which means on any given day, you’ll catch Cancers in oversized hoodies, sweat pants and socks; but they also love looking and feeling hawt. So when they are ready to hit to the gym, they will choose comfort AND style. They will look for matching athleisure sets that match their vibe; that means well-fitting, shape-enhancing gym leggings and matching sports bras. Cancers like cohesive styles - so whether it’s a printed matching workout set or a solid matching leggings and sports bra set, they’ll almost always be matching. 

They like feminine styles, romantic aesthetics and celestial themes - that means spacey looks like moon and starts printed leggings and sports bras, cloud-printed athleisure sets, unicorn-printed athleticwear and other looks that look magical and dreamy. Nautical themes also work well with Cancer; so clothes and accessories that feature mermaids, like mermaid printed leggings, or seashells, starfish, anchors, coral, ships, pearls and jellyfish are all great fashion inspo for Cancer. 

What Leo Wears to the Gym

What Leo Wears to the Gym 

There’s nothing that can stop a Lively Leo from bursting onto the scene and taking over. This zodiac sign has the demeanor and attitude of a main character in a blockbuster film. Like her namesake, she is fiercely herself and unapologetic about it. Leos ooze confidence and are comfortable being the center of attention. With their sunny and attractive disposition, they forge strong friendships and, like the lion, are ferociously protective of their friends, family and loved ones. 

Leos are a bold fire sign so that they can rock a brand new fashion trend like the sidewalk is their runway. The phrase slay all day was probably invented about a Leo! They’re not afraid to attract an audience so a Leo’s power colors are red, yellow, gold and orange - colors that dazzle their adoring audience. A go-to look for them is a leopard print yoga leggings and sports bra set. They are notoriously confident and love playing with striking looks and unconventional silhouettes, so cutout tops, strappy sports bras and sport tank tops are a great choice for Leo. They also appreciate the finer things in life and love luxe fabrics up against their skin. They’ll choose form-fitting yet breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics for their workout sessions.

What Virgo Wears to the Gym

Virgos are best known for being loyal, pragmatic, and practical. They make amazing partners and friends. Virgos have a reputation for being perfectionists who are careful and tenacious in their quest for advancement. They are ambitious about their goals and rarely let up as they pursue them, never letting themselves off the hook and pushing their limits. Virgo is an earth sign; she’s grounded, logical, kind, patient, hard-working, creative and reliable. 

When it comes to fashion, virgos apply their logical approach. They don’t try to steal the show with flashy, bright or edgy styles. Their power comes from immaculate tailoring, functional and minimalistic. Their wardrobe is all about highlighting neat silhouettes and lines. They normally opt for a “less is more” approach; that ideology that wealth and power doesn’t need to brag or call attention to itself; it just is. When hitting the gym, these earth signs gravitate to neutral colors. A go-to gym look would be a solid-colored padded sports bra so they don’t have to worry about layering (this is the practicality showing up) and a matching pair of leggings. They choose earth tones for their wearables, like blacks, nudes, browns, muted greens, beiges, whites and grays. Black biker shorts and a crop, long sleeve black top or a brown yoga set; a green sports bra and matching leggings with a crop hoodie to match + high, thick white socks and chunky white sneakers is a total virgo look. 

What Virgo Wears to the Gym

What Virgo Wears to the Gym

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