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Top Summer Activewear Trends for Yoga

by Rebecca Gold 19 Aug 2020

Looking to freshen up your fitness and yoga gear for the summer? There are plenty of super hot looks trending right now that absolutely NEED to be in your fitness wardrobe. For the avid yogi, lightweight gear is key. Pieces that are not too bulky or heavy, that are comfortable, have great looking designs and fashion appeal and that are flattering are always top picks. Here are some of the summer’s hottest yoga looks: 


Long-Line Strappy Padded Sports Bras

Long-Line Strappy Padded Sports Bras are a great summer piece because they make for good workout gear but are long enough to where they can also double as regular, everyday cute tops. The padding helps offer high-impact support needed when you’re striking those yoga poses and the strappy design is an on-trend look right now that will make you happy every time you complete an outfit with it. While neons and pastels are all the rage now, earth tones like an olive green padded sports bra and navy blue are a great choice as we get later into summer towards fall.


Yoga Leggings with Pockets

For a long time, leggings were all about just looking cute. Okay, and being comfortable and flattering. But let’s face it, none of us do a single workout without our phones. And a phone tucked into our bras or the waist area of a pant gets covered in sweat quickly and ends up falling out, risking a crack or damage to the phone. Sometimes, adding a fanny pack or a strapped phone holder around your arms is the answer. But yoga leggings with pockets are now a hot item that is being sought after and sold because it offers the practicality we all need. It makes it easier to run with a phone securely tucked away in the legging pocket, not sliding up against sweaty skin or bouncing around on an intrusive fanny pack. Some on-trend colors include sky blue yoga leggings with pockets, emerald green, neon yellow/green, or white.


Motivational Printed Sports Bras

Now is the time for female empowerment and lifting each other up. We’re reading all about it in the news and seeing a lot of positive energy online via social media. Women encouraging women. So let your outfit do the talking while you’re at the gym or in a yoga class. Wear your words! Rock motivational phrases like “Dream Big”, “Believe in Yourself”, or “Stronger Together”. You never know who will glance at you in mid class as you’re all struggling to hold a crow pose- and see your motivational phrase emblazoned across your top. Your message might just be that extra push they needed to keep going!


Fruit & Floral Prints

A fun summer trend is rocking fun, splashy prints - whether it’s on your leggings or your sports bra. This summer, rocking cute fruits like lemons, strawberries, oranges and pineapples is super in. It conveys joy, sunshine and a healthy lifestyle. Florals, of course, are a classic go-to. They pop up every season, but in summer, they just feel extra joyful and make any legging and sports bra look super bright and super fun. Fun fruits and floral printed leggings make for a perfect mother-daughter matching yogawear set, too.

Boho & Geometric Legging Prints 

Boho or geometrically printed legging and coordinating tops are super in and super hot at the moment. The patterns are beautifully designed and look great with bright, solid-colored sneakers for an extra added pop. 

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