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Trend Forecast: Hot Prints in 2021

by Rebecca Gold 20 Jan 2021

Get ready fashionistas, because a new year means a whole new wave of fashion trends ahead! As we head into 2021, we’re taking a look at the hottest new prints we can expect to see worn everywhere. It’s been a long, suspended moment in which muted tones, nudes and toned-down neutrals have been a constant. Matching sweatpant and sweatshirt sets have been the crowned jewel of the athleisure wave. But 2021 has something a little more vibrant in store, to shake things up a bit.

The joyful prints and patterns we have to look forward to in 2021 are the perfect way to break out of current ruts and greet the new year with a positive new energy. Here are some of the emerging new trends in the world of prints:


Floral & Feminine

As we’ve mentioned before, floral is a timeless print that has been used in many different eras and seasons. But ‘floral’ is a pretty broad term. There have been many iterations of floral prints in fashion over the decades, so how will it show up in 2021? Well, fashion experts predict a movement away from edgy streetwear and towards a more feminine, flirty vibe. That means pretty, delicate florals will be in the forecast. Artsy renditions such as watercolor washes and abstract approaches will be all the rage in the new year. Some of the floral types we look forward to seeing on everything from skirts to floral printed dresses to gym wear and more include:

  • Vintage & Retro florals
  • Artsy blurred florals
  • Watercolor floral prints
  • Abstract floral prints
  • Paint strokes floral prints

Whether it’s on a dress or you’re rocking floral printed leggings to the gym with matching floral printed sports bras, you’ll be totally on trend with our plant friends as your fashion look!


Tie Dye

We’ve seen tie dye creep in this year and it will continue to stay relevant into 2021. Moving forward, it will be slightly more evolved with the introduction of stripe variants as well as new placements and color palettes. From tie dye sweaters to tie dye tees, crop tees, tie dye leggings and more - this is a print that will carry over from 2020 into the new year.


Paradise Prints

Oh yes, we can all use a little escape to paradise. Paradise prints will have a big presence in 2021. Think JLO’s iconic Versace dress from the year 2000 Grammy’s. That paradise print inspo is set for a comeback in this new year.  It expresses joy and optimism. It has room for a painted floral look to be blended in. Get ready for tropical palm tree printed sports bras, tees, dresses and more. Beautiful birds of paradise and tropical floral shapes will look amazing this spring and summer - a perfect change to the isolated feel of indoor styles we’ve seen so far.


Bold, Artsy, Abstract Prints

Whether it’s pulling from the Cubism movement or evoking the essence of French painter Henri Matisse, bold abstracts and vibrant colors will be part of the 2021 fashion aesthetic. Expect bold geo strips, 3 dimensional puzzle patterns, amorphous shapes and bold contrasts this new year. Go bold and colorful with your printed leggings, tees, dresses, skirts and more and you’ll be totally on trend.

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