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Ways to Detox For a Fresh Start in 2021

by Rebecca Gold 13 Jan 2021

Every year, we look back and reflect on all that transpired in the past year and how far we’ve come. But this year, especially, merits a special kind of reflection. The trials and tribulations of 2020 will go down in history, making it a standout marker in time, but that’s exactly where it should stay. All the frustrations, anxiety, grief, uncertainty, toxic habits and relationships and any other negativity needs to get left in 2020 as we head into a brand new year.

Beginning your year with a clean slate will help you realign with your true desires and ambitions, making you more focused and fulfilled. Here are some ways to detox various aspects of your life so you can forge ahead into 2021 with a clear mind and body:

Diet Detoxing

This type of detoxing is the most literal kind and probably the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘detox.’ But this doesn’t always mean replacing all your meals with kale and smoothies.

In most people’s diets nowadays, there are plenty of toxins and excessive elements that have proven harmful over time. From foods high in sodium, high in processed sugars and preservatives, foods high in fats or starches and lacking in higher nutritional value, there are tons of things we can all use a break from.

Research diet detoxes that may be right for you. If you notice you have a tendency to drink a lot of sugary drinks, taking a break from sodas and juices and limiting your drinks to only water might be your ideal detox. If you tend to eat meat very frequently and your body chemistry can benefit without it, you may be able to lower your cholesterol and detox your digestive process by eliminating or reducing red meats.

Everyone’s body is different, which is why there is no ‘one size fits all’ detox plan out there. But taking a look at your own habits, what you tend to snack on and indulge in, how you feel throughout the day, your energy levels and of course, your actual body levels from medical tests. Whichever diet changes you decide to make, be sure they allow you to stay healthy and that you consult with your physician first.


Detoxing Your Mind

Our minds are more cluttered than ever these days. With cell phones, social media, eyebrow-raising news headlines, zoom meetings - the list goes on and on. By now, we’ve all heard of the studies pointing to the negative effects that excessive screen time have on us all; Trouble focusing, memory loss, anxiety and other issues. That’s why taking time to unplug and reconnect with your inner voice is so important - and not just once a year - but routinely. Starting off the year with a commitment to decreasing your screen time is a great idea. Try timing yourself and restricting your screen time to just necessary interactions. Try doing some of these activities and exercises to help you clear your mind and detox from the constant stream of data:



Carve some time out of your schedule for daily meditation. Giving yourself time to center your thoughts and stay connected with your inner voice has a long list of benefits, from lowering blood pressure and improving cardiovascular health, since it involves proper breathing and increased oxygen to the body, to improved cognitive processes and mental health.


Yoga or Pilates

This is an extension of meditation in many ways and in fact, can be fully incorporated as part of the routine. Regularly practicing yoga and pilates helps your mind and body by increasing flexibility, balance and muscle strength, can provide back pain relief, can help you manage stress, and much more. Start the year off with throwing on your favorite pair of yoga leggings and workout top - or treat yourself to some new fitness wear pieces, and start a new yoga or pilates routine to help your body and mind break out of the 2020 funk.


Go Outdoors

There’s something about spending time outdoors, breathing fresh air and being in nature that helps us all detox our mind. Start the year off with a little indoor detox where you make yourself disconnect and spend time daily going for a walk, a run or a swim in the great outdoors.

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