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Ways Busy Moms Can Decompress

by Rebecca Gold 28 Apr 2021

Being a mom is a wonderful thing, full of joy and love. It can be endlessly rewarding but also endlessly demanding at the same time. Trying to keep up with all the duties and roles a mom needs to fulfill can be exhausting. Between doctor’s appointments and daycare, rides to school and extracurricular activities, play dates and so much more, moms can get super stressed out.

Taking time for yourself as a mom is absolutely crucial; Both to help you better manage the duties of being a mom and to live a happier, healthier life. It might seem impossible to take time out from mommy responsibilities, but you have to make the time. Here are some ways you can decompress, destress and recharge.


There’s nothing like music to activate our spirits. We can’t help but move to feel the rhythm! Beyond just feeling good in the moment and having fun, there is science behind why dance is such a powerful stress reliever. Physical activity has been shown to release the neurotransmitter, endorphins that help to alleviate stress. Neurotransmitters are chemicals in the brain that communicate messages throughout the body. This is why after a good workout we often feel lighter, more energized, happier and more positive overall. Invest in a good pair of cute printed leggings to get yourself motivated to get up and dance. A bright, vibrant pattern, with designs like lemons or pineapplesfloral printed leggings or unicorns and more.

Whether you like to dance to hip hop music, jazz, ballet or world genres, like afrobeats, salsa, samba and more, dance is an exciting way to celebrate life and stay healthy!


image via @linda.poledance


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For many of the same reasons that dance and other forms of exercise can help you decompress, so can yoga. Yoga is a discipline that requires the body to hold specific positions. They help challenge you and stretch your ligaments and muscles, which, although challenging, help the body become more flexible and durable. But yoga also incorporates chants and meditative elements that help center your mind and relieve stress and anxiety. It helps you declutter your thoughts and get grounded again. Yoga is the perfect way to help your body and mind stay healthy. Plus you get to stock up on super cute yoga outfits like printed yoga sports bras and matching yoga sets!


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Girl’s Night

When you’re mommy all the time, you might forget that you used to be anything else. Reconnect with your girlfriends again and enjoy the company of those special bonds! Maybe those friends also have kids. That means they’ll understand just how valuable your time with them is. Call the girls and coordinate a girls’ night! Get the dads or the sitters take over childcare for a night. Once you assemble the crew, what you all do is up to you! Coordinate a game night with fun games and wine at someone’s house. Arrange a movie night, schedule a beach day or a group fitness night! Whatever it is, being around your friends, cracking jokes and sharing your stories will make you feel connected to other women. You’ll feel the warmth of your tribe, reminding you that you are not just a mom but a sister, a daughter, a friend and a woman of purpose! Reconnect with yourself and your fellow women with a girls’ night to decompress.

Girl’s Night

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