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Wedding Advice: How to Choose the Perfect Flower Girl Dresses

by Tina Bryant 09 Jul 2018

When you’re in the middle of planning the most important day of your life, picking out the perfect flower girl dress for the adorable little girl who will be the opening act for your entire ceremony can get really intimidating. Especially considering you are trying to match a dress perfectly with your colors and theme, but also trying to choose something that will agree with a young lady, most likely younger than pre-teen age. Little girls might be adorable representations of innocence and your younger self, but they are usually just as opinionated, if not more, than a bride! And rightfully so - it might be your day, but she’s the one wearing the dress you pick out - and she  just might end up stealing the spotlight. Here are ways to choose a beautiful dress that will have her feeling like a little princess as she walks down your aisle.

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Give her Options

Want to ensure that your flower girl loves her dress? Give her options. Don’t limit her to just one dress because there’s a chance she may not like it. Allowing her to choose from, say, 3 different little girl’s dresses to wear down the aisle will allow you to have the control to have the 3 different options match your color scheme and theme and it will give you a good chance that the dress she ends up wearing is one that she’ll feel good about and love. It will also make her feel special and involved in your wedding planning process. Whether your flower girl happens to be a niece, a goddaughter, a friend’s daughter, or you own daughter, it will give you both a chance to bond over fashion!

Give Her Options to Choose from...

Choose Something Comfortable and Flattering

When it comes to kids, the number one thing is always COMFORT. If the dress is itchy or too tight or too hot, they’re not going to wear it. Make sure your flower girl dress is weather appropriate and choose light, breathable fabrics when it comes to the areas of the dress that come into direct contact with the skin. The second most important is choosing something flattering, when it comes to both silhouette and color. Consider her complexion and try to choose colors that will look good on her. A classic is a girl’s white dress - whether it’s in ivory or off-white or eggshell. Princess dresses for girls are always a hit with both the wedding guests and the flower girl - after all, every girl likes to feel like it’s her big day, too! A poofy chiffon or tulle gown silhouette always makes little girls feel like Cinderella just arrived at the ball.

Don’t be Afraid to Try Something Fun

Traditional white is one way to go if you want to keep it classic. But don’t be afraid to make a statement and go boldly where no other flower girl may have gone before. For example, instead of going white or cream, try variations of these: go metallic with a champagnes, rosegolds or silver flower girl dresses. If you feel like having your flower girl add a little contrast, consider a color pop with her dress. If your colors are pink and white, for example, a baby pink dress with white flower petals in her basket can look enchanting. The same goes for almost any color you decide on for your wedding. Even more bold: Go floral! As long as she can twirl in it, you’ll be surprised at how open some girls may be to trying out a more non-traditional look. Long Dresses for girls are usually very flattering, very comfortable and feature all kinds of beautiful, delicate prints including floral, which also happens to be very on-trend now. If you want a nod to tradition incorporated into her look, but still want to try something new and modern, a girl’s lace dress can have that touch of vintage wedding flair with the lace, but be a more modern silhouette, like a shift dress or A-line, or you can go bold with the color, like emerald green, yellow, coral or any other, non-traditional, bright color.

From Light Silver Color to the Black Grey

Order a Size Up

When you’re choosing a dress for a young girl, remember that she’s still growing - and quickly. When ordering flower girls’ special occasion dresses, take into consideration her growth rate and the span of time between the days you actually decide on or order her dress and the day of your wedding. Consult with her parents or guardians if you are not sure, but you will likely go a size up if there will be multiple months in between the day the dress is ordered and the day she will wear it. Kids grow fast and it will be easier to take in a dress last minute if it ends up being slightly big than trying to have her fit into a dress that’s too small.

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