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What to Buy Your Daughter for Christmas or Hanukkah?

by Tina Bryant 04 Dec 2018

The holidays are approaching at lightning speed and if you haven’t started on your Christmas or Hanukkah shopping yet, what are you waiting for? If you’ve got a young daughter at home who is just waiting on what Santa or Papa Noel will bring this year, you better start finding the right gifts now! Of course, everything depends on what her interests are and every girl’s personality is different and unique. But we put together some ideas for young daughters from toddlers to about preteen age or so, things that almost every girl enjoys!

DIY Kits

Whatever your daughter loves, DIY kits are the perfect gift. If she’s really into learning about cooking, or if she’s big on arts and crafts, or if she’s interested in investigative activities like being a top secret spy, there are DIY kits for everything! There are baking kits for aspiring kid chefs, as well as themed cookbooks (Like Disney cookbooks, Harry Potter cookbooks, etc.) If your daughter is into building things, she’ll love kits that encourage her to build, like 3D home building kits, origami kits or kits that help her hone her love of building and use the principles of engineering. Whatever she’s into, get her a kit for it. These gifts really help encourage young girls to get hands on with their interests, learn about them on a deeper level and have fun while doing it!


Personalized items

Every girl likes to feel like she belongs and at the same time, like she is a unique, one-of-a-kind girl! Personalizing her gifts is a great way to show her that you thought of her and only her. Whether it’s a personalized keepsake box, umbrella, lunchbox, backpack, nameplate necklace or ring, personalized tee or sweater or hat with her name on, she’ll know her gift could only have been meant for her.

An Experience

Gift her with an experience. If she’s a music fan and has been excited about a certain (age-appropriate) concert coming into town, surprise her with tickets to it! Is there a theme park she has always wanted to go to or that you know she’ll love? Get some tickets for her! Maybe you know she’ll love other experiences, like horseback riding lessons, a painting class, a dance class or any other passion she has - think out of the box and get her tickets or passes to an exciting event. It’ll be totally unexpected and it will probably be the thing she is the most excited about as she looks forward to the upcoming event; then it’ll be the most memorable gift for years to come.

Matching Clothes: Mommy and Me or Best Friend Forever Outfits  

If you share a special bond with your little girl, why not gift her with matching outfits? If she already has so much fun dressing up like you and raiding your closet, make it official: get matching mommy and me dresses, or matching mommy and me yoga leggings or activewear, or a matching set of PJ’s. Or, getting identical outfits for her and one of her besties is another great way to surprise her - she’ll love being able to tell her bff that they’ll be matching twins together at school or when they meet up for their play dates.

There are plenty of great gift ideas for girls - you just have to think outside of the box and get creative! We hope some of these ideas are just what you were looking for as you get your holiday shopping done for your daughter.

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