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Pick of the Week – Peacock Tone

by Tina Bryant 02 Dec 2018

This week indeed contains spectacular beauty because of the peacock printed outfits which are number one on your wishlist at Pineapple Clothing. And it can be explained by the fact that you want to be fashionable; it is almost impossible to put aside the peacock, its exotic and inspiring colors. Moreover, the peacock vibe is a top trend of every season because this brightly colored bird symbolizes luck, beauty and “status”. We are happy to see you choose to take pleasure in life and let the lush “Peacock Tone” collection invade your wardrobe.

"My new set from Pineapple Clothing. I'm so excited!" -


"Beautifully printed and so comfy yoga set. Thanks!" -


"I am #happyinpineapple 🍍" -


"Loving my Pineapple Girl Clothing! Crazy comfy!!! They even have adorable mommy and me outfits." -


"The "Peacock Tone" sports bra from Pineapple Clothing. Love it!" -


"Super cute! Lots of mommy & daughter outfits too." -


"I'm absolutely loving these leggings. I ended up getting 5 pairs!" -


"Gorgeous! I love this outfit!" -


"Stunning and colorful leggings!" -


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