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What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner: Thanksgiving Family Looks

by Ivanna Griner 01 Nov 2017

There’s no holiday more universally centered around family, friends and loved ones than Thanksgiving. This is when you get the most facetime with them- no costumes, gifts or anything else as to distract you from raw, unfiltered family time. That means if you’re at a gathering held in someone else’s home - or if you’re the one hosting- you’re really going to want to put your best foot forward. No pressure, right? So with all this one on one time with aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, and nieces, what on earth will you wear?

Matching Family Outfits for the Holidays

Whether you’re just attending an event or hosting - a great way to show the spirit of the season is with matching family outfits. This is a go-to look for families attending Christmas parties - why not get into it a little earlier, starting with Thanksgiving?

There will always be pictures, snaps, Facebook and instagram posts at all family gatherings - so make your photo opps memorable by showing off your family’s closeness and sense of style with coordinating looks. A unified family look can be any variety of combinations: from matching family shirts with the same print, the same text, or the same color, to full outfits that are different but share the same color or color palette. The coordination can be the whole family - or it can be certain family members matching with each other.

Mommy and Baby Matching Outfits for New Moms

If you’re a new mom, showing off your special mother-baby bond is a beautiful gesture and a memorable photo opportunity that will continue to make you smile years later, when you look back on your Thanksgiving pics. If baby is rocking navy blue or a fall floral, rock the same print on your blouse or dress. Get matching mommy and baby outfits from a mommy and me brand and express this new chapter in your life at Thanksgiving dinner!

When Baby isn’t a Baby Anymore: Mommy and Me Party Dresses

It’s not as easy to get your little one to wear what you want them to when they’re not adorable babies anymore, is it? Don’t stress - if your outfit is cute enough, you’ll have even the most rebellious daughter begging to twin with you. There are many adorable mother daughter dresses out there that are great for Thanksgiving. From youthful empire waist mom and daughter dresses to cute skater dresses, lace dresses (which are a holiday favorite) to knit dresses, shift dresses and even off the shoulder dresses the key is finding common ground. If you both like floral but hate each other’s choices for silhouettes, rock matching prints but differing dress types. If you like long sleeves and she prefers short, find matching dresses with differing sleeve lengths. It’s a great way to show off your bond, but also, your sense of individual style, which is perfect for the baby that is not such a baby anymore.

Daddy and Son Looks for Thanksgiving

Who says matching is just for girls? If mommy is matching the daughter, then dad can match his son, too! Rock the same colors and different shirt or pants lengths; wear the same print or text on a shirt but different outfits and colors; Dad can even wear the same hairstyle as his minime - but different oufits.

Thanksgiving is about reflecting on the special people in your life and being grateful for them all. Take the holiday to the next level by bonding with your family or friends  via matching outfits that every member of the family will love and ask about for years to come.

What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner: Thanksgiving Family Looks

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