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Pineapple Clothing: Proudly Made in the USA and Why it Matters

by Ivanna Griner 17 Oct 2017

In the age of e-commerce, it seems clothing companies have prioritized quantity and profit over everything else that’s important. There are dozens of e-commerce retailers popping up everyday and the more you look at these companies, the more you’ll realize that most of their products are foreign made.

Unfortunately, due to this growing trend of using cheaper manufacturing companies outside of the U.S., there aren’t many domestic manufacturers left in the country. Companies with internal manufacturing have been restructuring, abandoning the country and moving their operations to places like China, India, Pakistan, and third-world countries.


The Problem with Outsourcing Manufacturing

SInce the American government can’t regulate the manufacturing standards in these countries, companies get to shave off production costs and cut corners in all the wrong places. The problem with manufacturing overseas is not one, but many.

Manufacturing in many other, 3rd world countries means quality of fabrics is reduced to the lowest possible options to keep costs low. Also, to maintain high margins, workers are paid next to nothing and their working conditions are usually terrible. Let’s not even get started on how bad their manufacturing processes are for the environment - the EPA can’t control their operations which is one reason international manufacturing has been leaving a seriously deep carbon footprint on the earth.

As manufacturing has moved off American shores, this has also wreaked havoc on the country’s economy. U.S. citizens have lost their jobs to foreign manufacturing and Made in the USA labels have become an endangered species.

Lastly, the effects are always felt by the end consumer. The customer purchasing goods from these companies who manufacture overseas is forced to deal with low quality products with short lifespans, high shipping prices and long wait times for their purchases to reach them. Even if the products are made in countries with higher standards for quality, the prices and shipping times are still a huge problem.


Our Policy: Clothing Always Made in the USA

We, at Pineapple Clothing, are proud to be a U.S. manufacturer that produces everything from A to Z in Miami, Florida for its Mommy and Me brand. Our unique inventory features such one-of-a-kind clothing that customers can’t get enough of the beautiful mommy and me party dresses, floral printed leggings, special occasion maternity dresses, plus size clothes, colorful yoga pants, lace dresses for girls and women and more.

Each day that we produce our vibrant, printed or solid colored collections for our brand, that means more and more jobs are created right here in Miami, Florida. It also means more jobs will exist in the years to come for future generations. Bearing the label “Made in America” is something the FTC regulates strictly, so having this highly coveted status means we know the conditions for the workers are fair, the operations are in compliance with the EPA, and the quality of our goods is always the best.

This makes us proud to be an American company employing American citizens! We have a vision of bringing U.S. manufacturers back to the country and boosting domestic manufacturing once again. We are proud to be doing it ourselves and hope for the day those overseas manufacturers come back to U.S. shores.

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