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What to Wear to Your Next Family Gathering: 3 Holiday Outfit Ideas

by Tina Bryant 29 Nov 2018

The holiday party season is in full swing and if you don’t have a plan for your outfits, you might find yourself throwing dress after jacket after cardigan on the bed an hour before, frantically trying to figure out what to wear. Avoid any frock related frustrations by brushing up on the latest looks and the hottest holiday looks then having an arsenal of outfits ready to go before you even get the invites. For family gatherings, the trick is to find something tasteful and polished, while still showing off your inner fashionista. Here’s your family gathering outfit guide to have you looking your most stylish - these looks will have all your cousins and aunts gathering around, asking you where you shopped.

Oversized Sweater + Skinny Jeans or Leggings

Winter is generally sweater weather. If your family gathering is more of a casual event, you can throw on a slouchy oversized knit sweater, some hoop earrings, leggings and combat boots, or skinny jeans and sneaks. Add some shine with metallic necklaces and accessories and you’ll look perfectly cozy chic. The oversized sweater with leggings or skinny jeans is also a comfy, adorable look for your minime. Style her hair rocking either natural curls, soft glam curls, straight down, or in a loose braid or bouncy ponytail to finish off the adorably casual feel.


Bodycon or Shift Dress + overcoat or faux fur

A timeless holiday look is an elegant bodycon or shift dress with a floor length sweater, duster or coat. Pair it with shin-high or ankle-high boots to make it wintery and stylish. A shift dress works if you’re not wanting to make your shape the highlight - the more loosely fit silhouette goes straight down and gives off a couture vibe and highlights the movement of fabric and layers. Sequined or metallic shift dresses can look super festive, as well as darker colored floral shift dresses. A bodycon dress under your overcoat will flatter your shape and can be slimming if worn in darker tones like wine red or burgundy, black, navy blue, or emerald green. Faux fur instead of a typical knit duster or coat can give your dress an extra element of glam; especially if worn with a lighter colored or metallic shift dress like a gold, silver, rosegold, beige or white dress. You can pair with gold eyeshadow and red lipstick for a full on Hollywood glam look that will look beautiful on Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

The shift dress recommendations also look great on young girls, keeping the focus on their adorable fashion sense and the movement of fabric. The addition of dark colored tights and boots will give them that extra flare of style they’ll feel fabulous and confident in.


Matching Mommy and Me or Family Looks

Some people send holiday cards showing off their spouse and kids, all wearing matching outfits, to extended, far away family. If you’ll be having the pleasure and privilege of seeing your loved ones in real life, why not take the family holiday card concept to the next level? Be the family holiday card in real life by coordinating matching outfits for you and your daughter or better yet, the whole family! You can all decide on a common concept or print, like plaid, florals or animal print; or you can have mommy and daughter rock the same holiday dress and then daddy and son find their matching look. Another way to celebrate the bonds of parents and kids is to rock customized printed tee shirts with everyone’s name, or a phrase on it. Everyone will want pictures with you and your family.

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