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Where Should You Rock Sportswear?

by Rebecca Gold 13 May 2020

Thankfully, for all of us who love to incorporate comfort into our everyday style, the days of only being able to wear fitness apparel at the gym or in the park are long gone. Apart from being a legit sector within the fashion industry, athleisure has pretty much become the new dress code for everyday errands and outings. If there’s any wiggle room for an occasion to be casual or even semi-casual, there’s a way to elevate your workout gear to match the setting. So where should you rock sportswear? Unless you’re headed to a formal, corporate event or workplace, or if you’re attending a wedding or formal benefit gala, you can pretty much get away with wearing your workout gear anywhere - even if you haven’t worked out yet or aren’t planning on it! It’s all about how you wear it. Here are a few places and ways to dress up your fitness apparel look to make it trendy, dressy and street-ready. 


Grocery Shopping

Yes - it’s socially acceptable to strut into the produce section wearing a pair of skintight, printed yoga leggings and sports bra. Although grocery stores tend to blast the A/C, even more so in the produce section, you will probably be more comfortable by layering it up. Make that workout look grocery store chic with an off the shoulder knit thrown over it, still revealing one sports bra strap and falling loosely at your waist. You can also tie a sweater or shirt around your waist to add an extra layer. Pair with some shades, sneakers and a loose bun, side braid or ponytail.


Coffee Dates

Grabbing a coffee and a croissant at your local coffee shop? Or a smoothie and a snack? It’s totally acceptable to stand in line, place your order then hang out in the coffee shop or take your drink to go rocking high-waisted printed workout shorts and a loose-fitting tee. Again, the trick is all in the layering! You’ll look chic and effortless as you go for your coffee run or coffee date with the bestie wearing an outfit that says “Sorry, babe, gotta run!”


Mommy Daughter Shopping Dates

If you’re a mommy to a young daughter, there’s nothing cuter than matching with your mini-me. It will probably be great for her morale, too, if she’s not that fond of going on boring shopping trips to the store with you. Your cute joggers and a printed sports bra or your floral printed leggings with a loose knit work great for a day running errands, going shopping or even if you’re headed to the movies!


Date Night with Bae

Oh yes, athleisure can also make for a great date night look! After all, those shape-hugging fabrics found in high-quality workout leggings are super flattering and highlight curves! A pair of yoga leggings paired with a cute, long-sleeved crop top and sneakers, accessorized with some hoop earrings and wavy or curly hair can look effortlessly feminine and captivating. If you like a specific matching set of leggings and a sports tank or sports bra, you can always pair the coordinating outfit with an oversized jean jacket or maxi cardigan - especially since those movie theaters tend to be a bit chilly. Casual date nights are all about looking naturally gorgeous - not trying too hard. Athleisure looks deliver just the right amount of femininity with a dash of independence and a motivated, active flair.

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