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Why Vintage Dresses Will Never go out of Style

by Tina Bryant 17 Jul 2018

One of the most fun things about fashion is getting to go back in time and then forwards again as the trends and styles shift from season to season. We’ve seen certain fun trends like the peplum top or peplum dress come and go, the bell-bottom jeans turn into skinny jeans, the poofy shoulders come and go, and much much more. But certain vintage dress styles are not going anywhere - and if they do, they always find their way back into the spotlight when the fashion cycles come back around. Here are a few classic styles that we’ll keep seeing time and time again:

A Timeless Fabric: Vintage Lace Dresses

Lace is having a serious moment. And it’s not the first time. Dating back centuries and reappearing all over the historical timeline, like in the victorian era, this has been a fabric that has been a mainstay in fashion time and time again, from haute couture runways to everyday wear. Variations in style from delicate chantilly and Guipure to large crocheted styles; it has been delicate and feminine and it has been regal. Vintage lace dresses are beautiful for everything from wedding dresses to stretchy lace dresses in the empire waist silhouette, to sophisticated office dresses like a lace midi dress or shift dress. Lace can be many forms of beautiful - it can be romantic, especially when worn on a wedding or bridesmaid gown; it can be a sign of elegance and poise when seen on a sophisticated office or corporate dress and it can be sexy when worn on vintage cocktail dresses. Lace even makes for a magical look when styled on casual fall dresses.

60’s & 70’s Boho Dresses

One of the most fun, carefree styles that has also had its place in fashion for decades is the boho style. One of its most famous moments was in the 60’s and 70’s hippie era, where the culture was all about living free and true to oneself. But since then, this vintage style that hasn’t budged once; no matter what the trends are, it always has a place.  The signature vintage floral dress in boho style is seen everywhere now from the beach to musical festivals to casual sunday brunches. We even see the Boho white dress used as a wedding dress for the more stylized or casual ceremonies, sometimes observed by the beach or in nature. The boho floral print dress is fun and flowy with burnt oranges, mustard yellows, muted peaches and other colors in this palette. Some of the common looks from this style genre are off the shoulder tops, tassels and layers, ruching and loose fits. This vintage style is one you’ll find everywhere from dusty thrift stores to chic, high end couture boutiques.

Back to the 80’S and Early 90’s

The 80’s and Early 90’s are having a moment right now. Many who were around in those times might be feeling a little deja vu these days, and for good reason. One of the styles that are super current in 2018 is a style popularized back in the 80’s and 90’s - the skater dress. The signature silhouette is fitted around the bodice area and flares out around the lower waist area, which ends up being super flattering for most shapes. Its name comes from the style’s inspiration - the ice skater dresses, which have a similar shape. Nowadays, literally any fabric or print or color works - from solids to prints, from a lace to a floral skater dress, it’s all fair game to be on trend. The best thing about the style is that the shape can be everything from a flirty sundress to a formal dance dress; it can be worn to the grocery store or the mall with sneakers or it can be dressed up with sky high heels.

Retro Dresses from Eras past

There are some styles and looks that take us back to eras past - like the shift dress. This style is a trip down memory lane, back when one of fashion’s most iconic ladies, Jackie Kennedy was the first lady. The 60’s was all about clean lines and sophistication; the go-go girs of the UK were rocking the shift dress with their big hair and their oval shades. The shift dress hasn’t gone anywhere and continues to be worn as a sophisticated look for the office or a casual shopping dress with sandals or sneakers. Going back a few years, to the 50’s, the swing dress is another look that continues to be rocked on catwalks and in the streets today. A vintage swing dress is a perfect choice for spring and summer. It’s fun and flirty and provides tons of airiness and movement. Although this dress comes from the 50’s area, it’s such a mainstay in today’s style that many people don’t even know or consider this to be a vintage style!

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