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Winter to Spring Outfit Ideas

by Rebecca Gold 19 Feb 2020

It’s already hard to decide what to wear on a regular basis as it is - but then throw a transitional season in there, like the time period in between Winter to Spring - and you’ve really got a dilemma. What do you wear when it’s chilly and breezy in the morning followed by a sweaty, sunny afternoon? And what do you wear when you’re still in cozy sweater and winter white mode but are seeing fun, bright florals all over the “newest arrivals” sections of all your favorite stores? Here’s the best way to do Winter to Spring fashion so you’re getting a little bit of both seasons and staying fashion-forward. 


For this in-between season, layering is your best friend. It gives you versatility so you can adjust your outfit to changing temperatures, and best of all, layering just naturally makes your silhouette look more dressed up and presentable. If you’ve got multiple things going on in a day, like work in the morning and gym in the evening, mix and match pieces like leggings on the bottom with sneakers and a loose-fitting top, then finish with a long, maxi cardigan or a blazer on the top. Another idea is to rock a cute printed sports bra with matching printed leggings and sneakers then tie a solid color hoodie or crop hooding around your waist. This gives you that cute, casual dancer look but it also gives you the option to throw on a second layer if it starts getting chilly or if you just want more coverage. 


image via @sonyapaterniti


image via @dsword103

Pastel Florals and Sweaters

Florals are a great way to herald in the spring. And a light sweater keeps you dressed appropriately for the changing temperatures. Mix and match floral printed leggings with a solid color sweater as your top. The dress + sweater look is also a hot, trending combo right now. Rock a form-fitting floral-print bodycon dress and throw a casual, loose-fitting sweater - voila, you have a sweater and skirt look even though what you’re actually rocking is a dress. When you choose your floral prints, stick to whites and blues or whites and pinks, soft turquoises and greens. A pastel color palette has traditionally been one of the most tried and true looks for Winter to Summer. 


image via @tuffsquad


image via @jeimyscott

¾ Sleeved Tops

Quarter length sleeves are the ultimate transitional piece. It’s not fully long sleeve so it doesn’t all the way say winter; but it’s not totally sleeveless, so it doesn’t say spring or summer. A ¾ sleeved lace top will often look dressy and played up when matched with some office pants and heels or even dark-colored jeans. But it can also look polished yet casual with some flats. For the days when winter’s breezes are still a thing, your 3/4 length sleeve will help keep those shoulders warm - but won’t be so warm that you’re sweaty and clammy. 


image via @kaylathomaslips


image via @jennastrang

Mix Smooth Satin with other Textures

Luxuriously smooth and reflective fabrics like satin have really been a hit in fashion over the past year or two. Rock a smooth, satin shift dress -  and a leather jacket or blazer to offer a contrast in textures. Or mix a smooth, sleeveless, satin top with a pair of jeans and bring an extra layer in case you catch a cool breeze later. 


image via @eleni_tl


image via @leahmarieswann

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