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Colors, Prints and Trends that will be Everywhere in 2020

by Rebecca Gold 12 Feb 2020

With the beginning of a brand new year and a brand new decade comes fresh new trends in fashion. What’s left of winter and into spring promise to evolve some slowly developing colors and prints while completely replacing others. We’ve seen some existing trends continue on the runways and we’ve seen some new ones take shape from designer to designer. From bold pops of color to nostalgic print trends from eras past and much more. Fashion never stops evolving and if keeping up with the latest styles is your thing, we’ll break it down and get you familiarized with the 2020 fashion forecast. 


Orange is the new black - literally! Okay, maybe it won’t be quite as much of a must-have, timeless staple as black, but many designers and fashion publications agree that orange will be a color we’ll see more of in the new year. We’re talking bright, tangerine and more pastel, muted versions of it as well. This could be interpreted as the evolution of the neon trend that has been in full effect throughout 2019, although we still expect to see neons into 2020 as well. Rock some orange pieces in your wardrobe, whether solid or printed, to give this new year trend a nod. 


image via @fit.tatti


image via @gimonique_unique

60’s and 70’s Psychedelic Prints & Flared Cuts

It was only a matter of time before retro came back in style! The flower child within is ready to bloom with 60’s and 70’s inspired prints. Stock up on hot boho printed leggings, workout tops and casual tops to give this style a nod. Pair a boho printed top with some flared jeans to get that Donna from That 70’s Show look! 


image via


image via @erikayoginerd


This is a slightly unexpected turn - a trend fashion experts say is on the horizon is crocheted clothing! We’ve traditionally only seen this in extremely niche boho closets and maybe even as beachwear, but designers had models strutting on runways rocking crochet casual wear such as super feminine dresses as well as crochet worked in to formal wear and more dressy looks. 

Hot Pants aka Short Shorts 

Up until now, it’s been all about the biker short - a just above the knee length short. But now designers have showcased the return of the hot pants or the short shorts. From cutoff jean shorts to spandex to officewear fabrics and more. Part of this trend is balancing out or contrasting the short length with a long sleeve top, a quarter length printed top or a suit jacket, to offer more coverage that helps set up less coverage for the legs. The short length shorts are back in for 2020! 


image via @nicola.crisa


image via @ziaellee

Sherbert Colors

Get ready for prints and colors reminiscent of a yummy sherbert dessert - that means soft coral pinks, salmons, tangerines and mauves. Rock a sherbert colored piece, like a pair of printed biker shorts with florals and soft yet bold colors splashed across it. You can also incorporate the trend with soft floral prints on a sherbert-colored background. 


image via @fit_family_14


image via @miriamindries

Puffed sleeves

This is a trend that has enjoyed a chic new refresh from its last appearance (the 1980’s.) Fashionistas who are fans of this bold trend can find a wide range of puffed sleeve tops out there - from super structured and bold to see-through and ethereal, ( thing Frozen vibes.)


image via @jordyn.sage


image via @jennastrang

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