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10 Activities to do With Your Child This Summer

by Ivanna Griner 12 Jun 2017

Spring is pretty much out of here and it’s time to start planning out your summer. School’s out and it’s the time of year your kids have more free time - so it’s the perfect time of year to plan some memory-making! Here are just a few suggestions that will help you take advantage of this magical time of year when the sun’s shining and your kids are home:

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Go Hiking

Get your kids to unplug this summer - don’t let them stay on an ipad, phone or watching tv all the time. Pro tip: If you get them some new activewear, they’ll be more motivated and excited to get out there and get active! There’s some great women’s activewear out there that even matches kid’s activewear.

Do some gardening

You’ve been saying you want to start gardening your own herbs to use in your kitchen ever since you heard about the harmful chemicals used to grow produce. Get started this summer - and get some help while you do it! Get them in the garden with you, planting basil, mint, thyme and more; they’ll love the idea of helping mom or dad and get the reward of seeing their plants grow and knowing that their efforts will pay off at dinner time. And since they had a part in growing them, it might even get them to eat their veggies!

Play Dress Up and Have a Photo Shoot

This is a particularly great idea for mothers and daughters; get some beautiful summer dresses and have a photoshoot! It can be at a local park, the beach or your own backyard. To add an extra spark of adorable flare, you can even feature some matching mother and daughter clothes looks. Light, floral dresses and even casual, bright, printed leggings make for great summer outfits that will make your shoot a fond memory you’ll both always look back on. 

Build a Fort in your Backyard

You can go all out, get your carpentry on and build a tree-house or you can just use some old sheets and comforters and get a makeshift fort going. Spend the evening reading, telling stories, looking at the stars, or enjoying the fireflies.

Have a Tea Party / Picnic

Pack up a lunch and go to a park or the beach or even just your backyard; enjoy the great outdoors and light meal. If you have a daughter who’s into Alice in Wonderland or likes the idea of a fancy tea party, have both you and her dressed in a nice sundress and make it a proper tea party!

Visit Your Local Museums

Hit your local museum for a fun, exploration-filled outing. It will educate your child and you’ll learn some things or brush up on old knowledge, too!  

Learn an Instrument Together

Forget what the old saying says; you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! You can learn how to play a new instrument right along with you child. If your kid has affinity for music, you should consider either putting him or her in a class and maybe taking the class with them - or, finding some youtube videos and learning it with your child at home.

Take a Vacation or go on a Cruise

If you can afford to, consider taking your kids on a trip. Traveling is always great for both parents and kids. Make sure they’re stocked up on all the summer wardrobe essentials. Bright, vibrant and light, airy clothes are best; a pink dress or yellow dress is a perfect summer look to rock on a cruiseship or abroad at a resort.  

Learn Your Child’s Favorite Video Games

If your kid is into video games, show some interest in their pastime! Learn about the games they like, play a couple rounds with them and go into their world. Everything in moderation, of course, as you want them to stay balanced and well rounded - not plugged in all the time - but many video games teach kids useful skills, how to learn problem solving and systems, and much more. Also, it’ll be a great way for you to connect with them and know what it is they spend their time on.

Hit the Beach or Pool!

It’s not summer if you don’t make for some pool or beach time! If you’re really trying to make some solid summer memories, you might even want to go to your nearest water park. Summer is all about cooling off in the most fun ways possible!

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