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10 Signs You Should Invest In Leggings

by Ivanna Griner 02 Jun 2017

This seems like a no brainer, seeing as nowadays, every wardrobe needs at least a few pairs of leggings to be complete. Leggings have been around for decades and generations, having been worn by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Collins, among others. If you haven’t invested in a pair by now, you’re likely not from planet earth - but if you are an earthling and somehow, made it through life without a pair, here are 10 signs that you really should invest in a decent pair...or ten!

cute printed florals yoga pants

1) You Work Out

If you hit the gym regularly but haven’t invested in a good pair of leggings, it’s a mystery how you’ve made it through life. Shorts are fine, but like 99% of women, you end up having to pull them down every 30 seconds or so because shorts that don’t hike up haven’t been invented yet. Women’s Leggings offer the right comfort and fit needed to let you move freely as you do your sets, run your laps, knock out your crunches or take your kickboxing class.

2) You WANT to Work Out

You might not be a gym rat yet, but you’ve had it on your mind. If you’re trying to get yourself to finally start going to the gym or if you’re working on going more consistently, leggings can actually help you do it. Think about it - when you’ve bought a new piece of clothing or outfit, what do you want to do? Find a reason to wear it and show it off. Use this to get yourself in the gym! Once you invest in a cute pair of workout leggings, you’ll be excited to rock your new outfit in it’s intended atmosphere - the gym!

3) You dance

If you’re a dancer, it’s ALWAYS time to invest in new leggings. Whether it’s jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, salsa or african dances, every dancer goes through hundreds of pairs in a lifetime. If you dance, you can never have enough; black leggings are a staple, of course, but every once in a while, you would do well to invest in a pair of colorful printed leggings or two, to add your own personal style to your rehearsals.

4) You Run Errands

If you run errands at any point during the week, leggings can be your best friend. Whoever started this whole “athleisure” trend, making it okay to run around town wearing a mixture of casual and fitness wear should be given an award. It’s made comfort the epitome of style. That means you get to head to the bank, do your shopping, catch a coffee or lunch date, pick up the kids or whatever you have to do wearing the most comfortable, cute clothes you own.

5) Your Weight fluctuates

Let’s be honest - What woman’s weight ever stays the same? Women many times gain or lose weight depending on lifestyle changes like new jobs, pregnancies, workout regimes and more. Jeans are the arch nemesis of fluctuating gains due to their rigid, often unforgiving fit. Whether it’s a weight loss or weight gain; this is where leggings come in. The nature of a legging is a pair of bottoms that are comfortable, form fitting, flattering. Something that can be worn whether you’ve gained or lost weight.

yoga pants printed performance leggings

6) You’re Pregnant

90% of your wardrobe will have to be replaced with more roomy garments when you’re expecting. But guess which trusty article of clothing won’t? Leggings are your pregnancy superhero - they fit you at any shape or weight. As you grow, during the pregnancy and after you get back to your pre-baby body.  

7) You do Yoga

The term “leggings” is virtually interchangeable with “yoga pants”... they’re basically a requirement in the yogi community. You’re not a true yogi if you don’t own at least a dozen. Nothing else allows the freedom of mobility like women’s leggings do. For all those complex positions, a yogi needs something that won’t get in the way and will be like a second skin. Adding bright pops of prints and color is an added bonus and many believe help raise your energy and spirits. Yoga leggings are seriously the fashion world’s gift to humanity!

8) You Like Clothes with Versatility 

Do you like repurposing one garment for multiple outfits? Leggings are the ultimate multipurpose piece of clothing. Getting a few would help; a black pair can be paired with a tunic top and heels, or if you’re feeling more edgy, combat boots and a jacket. A white pair can be pair with anything for the gym and then be worn with a long top and sandals for a weekend casual look. A printed, colorful pair looks great for running errands or as activewear for zumba, yoga or a run in the park. Leggings are one piece of clothing that just keep on giving and really do go with anything for any occasion. Switching it up with a pair of capri leggings to switch up the length of your bottoms.

9) You Live Somewhere with Changing Climates

Not too many people live in a place with one stagnant temperature year round. If you live someplace where the weather can be a little bipolar, (rains one day, stays super dry another; sweltering hot some days and freezing cold on others) leggings will work for almost any climate. Not only will they be functional, but they can be paired with key pieces that will make your look super on point for the specific weather.

10) You’re a Living, Breathing Woman!

We’ve made our case - leggings are essential for basically every woman!

floral print yoga leggings

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