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Maternity Must Haves

by Ivanna Griner 19 Jun 2017

When you’ve got a new baby on board, you’ve got a million things going on and a seemingly endless buying list. A new baby needs so much that it can be easy to forget yourself! If you’re expecting, you should also expect to need a brand new wardrobe. It’s an exciting time when you have a great excuse to splurge and stock up on some cute maternity clothes.

trendy maternity dresses

While there might be some things you can repurpose into maternity clothes (depending on what size you were and how you like to dress typically) but there will still need to be a good amount of new purchases to help accommodate your growing belly.

There are a few key pieces that every pregnant woman simply must have to stay stylish and comfortable:  


Pregnancy or not, leggings are one of fashion’s greatest gifts to womankind. Versatile and comfortable, there’s nothing you can’t do with a good pair of leggings. Some women opt for so called maternity leggings which are paneled; but they tend to be a bit more expensive. There are workarounds with a regular pair - from wearing them under the belly to cutting the sides or cutting the front vertically.  

Maxi Dresses

A Maternity Maxi dress is basically a get-out-of-jail-free card. They’re a dress style that’s basically already a “maternity” style by nature without actually being a maternity style. Both pregnant and non pregnant women wear it and it’s a style that’s here to stay. It’s beautiful, appropriate for basically any occasion, and above all, comfortable. Plenty of room for your bump without ruining the look! 

Maternity Tops

When it comes to tops, your best bet is to go with either stretchy material or flowy. When you want a form fitting look, stretchy material will do the trick while keeping you comfortable. And of course, flowy is always your best friend during those 9 months. There are plenty of flattering silhouettes, for example: Empire waist tops are the perfect shape to accommodate your bump.

Maternity Dresses 

Maxi dresses aren’t the only thing trendy maternity clothes you can opt for; there are plenty of other dress silhouettes that look great on a soon-to-be-mom! Believe it or not, you can still rock the bodycon dress - just make sure it’s made with stretchy material. Beyonce just did her latest maternity shoot rocking the bodycon dress and looking fabulous! Both sleeveless and sleeved dresses look equally flattering; the shift dress is one particularly clean, elegant looking dress that really keeps you looking polished. The empire waist is, again, another perfect choice that is form fitting at the top and then begins it’s flowy section right where the bump begins.

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