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Why We Love Mommy And Me Dresses (And You Should, Too!)

by Ivanna Griner 11 May 2017

Mommy and me dresses - what’s there not to love? If you’re a mom with a young daughter or know one, and you haven’t jumped on the mommy-daughter wave yet, you’re totally behind - and you could be losing some precious opportunities as your daughter grows older by the minute!  It’s an adorable way to match with your daughter and creates tons of photo opps. The whole concept is about inclusion and celebrating the unique mommy-daughter bond - it captures a point in time in your lives that you’ll always look back fondly on. You’ll always wish you could hit rewind on some moments in life, especially when your daughter was young! Here are the reasons why mommy and daughter styles are the absolute best - why we love them, why the internet loves them and why you should, too!

Creates Precious Memories That Last Forever

Talk to any mom whose daughter is in college or who has long moved out and has started a family of her own and you’ll understand; the different stages of motherhood are fleeting and precious. Every phase of your daughter’s life is here today, gone tomorrow - she’ll just keep growing up and getting older! It’s up to you to make those moments extra special while you can so you’ll always have fond memories and beautiful photos to look back to. And what’s more special than twinning with your little girl?

mommy daughter matching goals


Strengthens your Bond

There’s something about matching with mom or your daughter that brings you both close together. Daughters and mothers, like fathers and sons, have a special bond. They’ll go through many of the same experiences in life and can share things with each other that maybe others won’t understand. Twinning with your mini-me is celebrating that mutual femininity. Fun, flirty dresses for mom that match with cute girls dresses and cute outfits for girls are a fun way to share fashion and style as a mutual interest that you can both share for life.

Instills Values and Standards in a Fun Way

On a more practical note, it begins to set the tone for how you expect her to dress. If you, as a mom, have certain standards or rules you wish to enforce with your daughter as she gets older, wearing matching mother daughter outfits every so often is another way to instill your values and future expectations by showing her what is right. Showing her what is appropriate to wear versus what’s not appropriate is a more memorable, pleasant way to have her understand your values and how you wish her to portray herself to the world as she grows.

best mommy and me fashion goals


Makes your Daughter feel Special

Every child needs attention, love, guidance, support and encouragement. Making it a point to match with your daughter for a fun outing, for a special event or for a photo shoot day is an awesome way to show her you notice her, you appreciate her, you love her and most importantly, you see her. No child wants to feel invisible or excluded. Matching with momma is something to participate it - it makes your daughter feel included in something with you and a little exclusive - she’ll feel like she’s special to you and that you two share something special and unbreakable together.

She Won’t Grow up Too Fast

You are your daughter’s role model. Since you are the first important female figure in her life, all she wants is to walk, talk, act and look like you. It’s cute when she’s still learning to walk and wanders her way into your closet to try on your high heels, but when she gets to be a little older and wants to start trying on makeup and wearing grown up things, it can be an emotional battle for you. After all, you just want your baby to stay little forever!

Finding cute matching mommy and me outfits is a way to allow her to participate in all that is fashion and style without making her grow up too fast. The great thing about matching mommy and me dresses and clothes is that they take each wearer’s age into account. The same silhouette or print can be made differently to appropriately style either mommy or daughter. She’ll be happy wearing exactly what you’re wearing - without wearing something that isn’t age appropriate. It’s a win- win!

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