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Beat the New Year’s Resolution Rush: Staying Active Through The Holidays

by Tina Bryant 06 Dec 2018

Every year, it’s the same story: everyone eats all the holiday cakes and cookies, drinks all the sugary cocktails and then regrets it come New Year’s Resolution time. Have you ever heard “Summer bodies are made in winter?” It’s true. The way to beat the annual guilt trip is to stay healthy and active through holidays. Prepare for a season full of sugary foods and drinks by making sure you don’t skip out on your gym sessions and keep on doing those reps, even when the gym is empty. That’s where it gets hard - with all the fun events and holiday happy hours to go to, how will you stay disciplined and motivated? Here are 3 ways to stay motivated during the holiday season, when no one else is likely to be thinking about fitness. You’ll thank the past you when it’s the new year and you’re looking great while everyone is rushing to get gym memberships, wearing waist trainers and chugging flat tummy teas all of a sudden.

Make Killer Workout Playlists

There’s nothing that can change our minds and our moods like music. There’s something powerful about hearing your favorite song that can really get you going. You can be feeling sluggish and like all you want to do is go to sleep, but as soon as you hear your favorite up-tempo song, what do you want to do? MOVE! If you can’t find it within yourself to stay motivated, let some of your favorite songs do it for you. Try to listen to uptempo or dance music - or whatever it is that gets you pumped - throughout the season. Whether it’s in your car on your way to work or on your way back; if it’s in the shower or on your way to run errands. Your endorphins will be flowing and you’ll have your mind on moving all season long!

Be the Cheerleader: Get a Gym Group Going

If you’re more of a social animal, play to your strengths. It can be hard to keep yourself motivated - but you don’t have to. Take it upon yourself to be the cheerleader among your friends. Get a group of your most active friends to accompany you on pre-scheduled days of the week. It can be a group or just a gym buddy. If you have designated days when you all go hit the weight room or attend a bootcamp class or just do a routine together, you will all have people to hold you accountable. Making excuses gets harder when you have other people to answer to. Get a gym group going and you’ll feel more committed to your goals throughout the festivities! Extra Hack: If you gift your gym friends with cute workout leggings, tops or accessories (or even cuter yet, MATCHING workout clothes) they’ll LOVE you and have even more of an incentive to stay consistent!

Keep your Activewear Wardrobe Refreshed

Another hack that helps keep you hitting the gym on the regular is investing in a good activewear wardrobe. Be honest, when you drop some hard earned cash on a new outfit, what do you want to do? Make sure you get your money’s worth and wear it! Keep your activewear closet replenished with new gym tops and gym leggings and you’ll find that you won’t be able to wait to wear them! Especially if they’re vibrant, colorful, bold, flattering and comfortable. You won’t want to miss a day in the gym when you just scored  some cute floral printed leggings or animal printed leggings and some gym tops to go with it. It’s never a bad investment when you’re investing in a better you!

Don’t drop the ball this winter. You might choose to cut back on some holiday calories - or you might not. It’s up to you. But one thing is a must- STAY active! If you try some of these tips out, we promise you’ll start seeing how consistent you stay throughout the season. Come January, February, and especially summer (swimsuit season) we know you’ll be thanking yourself - and us - for the hacks!

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