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Floral Prints and Bright Colors for Girl’s Special Occasions

by Ivanna Griner 19 Jul 2017

2017 has been a huge year for floral - it’s feminine, light and fun for girls and women of all ages. It is especially appropriate, however, for young girls, from toddlers to teens. Floral print exudes joy and a fun, vivacious side that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The best part is, floral print is appropriate year round! Here are some of the best occasions to incorporate fun floral into your little girl’s wardrobe.

When She’s attending Parties and Birthdays

There’s nothing more festive than a girl’s floral dress. It’s appropriate for joyful moments when the mood is about celebrating life, family and friendships. For fun, active events like parties and birthdays, choose party dresses for girls that are  light and airy so she can run, jump and get out all her youthful energy. A girl’s skater dress is the perfect choice for girls who are active but still want to express their style.

When She’s a Flower Girl

There’s nothing more exciting for a little girl than being chosen as a flower girl. Traditionally, flower girl dresses have been like mini-gowns with a lot of frills and layers that tend to weigh them down and feel a little constricted. But it’s 2017 and time to modernize the trend; your little girl wants to feel like a flower fairy or princess floating down the aisle, adorning it with petals - give her something light, airy and fun but still beautiful to wear. And what’s more appropriate for a flower girl than a floral print dress? A growing trend in bridesmaid fashion has been florals - why not extend this trend to the flower girl?

Back to School & Picture Day

There’s no better excuse to dress up than the first day back to school and picture day. The first day or week back is her chance to make a grand entrance with some styles that make her look and feel confident. Picture day is when she’ll pose to commemorate her entire school year in just one photo. She only gets one chance so make it count! While every other day at school is usually a casual affair, let her back to school days and her picture day be her excuse to dress in something a little more exciting - there are plenty of girl’s fancy dresses out there featuring fun, floral and bright colors to help her stand out and really show off her sense of fashion. There are also some beautiful floral print dresses for little fashionistas that will have her looking radiant and practically jumping off the pages in the yearbook!

Whenever She Wants!

Like we mentioned earlier - floral print is appropriate all the time - (except maybe for funerals.) Whether it’s the weekend, a brunch date, a holiday or just a regular day, your little girl can rock floral print at any time and turn a regular outing into a fashionista moment. Little girl dresses should be about exuding a girl’s own style and bringing out her charisma and sense of fun. Don’t dress her in drab colors - let her personality and style pop in a floral print and vibrant colored dress!

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