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Full Figured Fab: Flattering your Curves this Spring and Summer

by Ivanna Griner 04 May 2017

Winter is all the way out now and we’re well on the way to summer. By now, the dark hues, thick fabrics and bulky outerwear should have been shed. Dressing a curvy figure in these sun kissed seasons gets a  little more free and a lot more fun! Full figured divas can focus on fun, flirty, and flowy spring and summer looks when it comes to choosing trendy plus size clothing. Here’s how to hit refresh on your wardrobe and revamp it for spring and summer:

Flattering Silhouettes

Nothing says spring and summer like breezy, light silhouettes. Sleeveless plus size dresses and tops show off your arms and collar bones, as do halter dresses and tops. Flowy tops and dresses are perfect for catching outdoor breezes and creating the most fun photo opps. Not to mention it’s great for air circulation, keeping you cool and airy during the warmer months, so you know you won’t be sweating in your outfit.

If you’re looking for dresses that optimize your shape, look for specific silhouettes that flatter. A-line dresses flatter and convey a soft, feminine feel that’s perfect for spring events. Fit and flare dresses tend to hug in all the right places, accentuating your narrowest areas and flaring out in just the right spots. Empire waist dresses also add a feminine touch to your dressy look; shift dresses are just downright elegant and universally flattering for any size.

plus size women trendy shift dresses

Counter tight with loose

For your day to day activities, loose fitting, flowy tops paired with form fitting pants, jeans, leggings or shorts are the perfect look. From a casual day at the office to running errands and shopping days, contrast is key. You don’t have to commit 100% to functionality and you don’t have to be so dressy that it’s uncomfortable; a flirty, dressy top contrasted with casual form fitting pants is the way to go. This is a go-to, winning combination when it comes to plus size fashion.

womens plus size trendy dressy cute tops

Who says you can’t wear white?

That old belief that curvy or plus size women shouldn’t wear white has long been kicked to the curb. No one is banned from any color due to body type. Spring and Summer are about light colors, then bright colors! It’s a celebration of warmer weather, social gatherings, weddings, baby showers and other joyous events. White has been regarded as a color that makes people look wide;  but in reality, there are no restrictions on color just because you have a full figure; the trick here is fit. A well fitting piece or dress, no matter what the color, will always flatter your shape.

If you’re attending a daytime event, an all-white party or anything else and you’re feeling like rocking that clean, angelic look - go for it! A trendy alternative to white is a nude colored dress or top paired with colored accessories to give it a fun pop.

Plus Size Party Dresses

You absolutely won’t get away with not attending at least a few bridal showers, baby showers or easter parties during spring and summer. If it’s not one of these, then it’ll be a wedding. All of these calls for fabulous trendy looks. When picking out a party look, for daytime functions, floral tops and floral printed dresses are very in for 2017. Especially for baby showers or for Easter, if you don’t do floral, you’ll want to consider light pastel colors or soft embellishments like lace.

If it’s a wedding or an evening look you’re looking to dress for, plus size formal dresses are in order. Maxi dresses give your figure length while shift dresses, tunic dresses and halter dresses are always elegant and flattering for any size, particularly for curvy women.

wonens plus size trendy cute party holiday evening dresses

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