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Mommy and Me: Fun in the Sun (Chic Resortwear)

by Ivanna Griner 18 Apr 2017

The weather is gorgeous and it’s the time of year to get away. Spring and Summer are the seasons for weddings, cruises, brunches, showers, family trips and, if you’re a mom, plenty of mommy and me time. Take advantage of the sunny, joyful occasions and have fun with color and vibrant prints! If you’re still stocking up on fresh new looks for you and your daughter, here are some of the hottest trends of the season that both you and your mini-me can wear:

Floral Prints

Spring is the time of year when flowers and plants are in full bloom. Fashion always celebrates that, every year; 2017 is no exception. It’s a print that is classically feminine, sometimes even making a cameo on men’s clothing. Both mothers and daughters can both rock floral without the boundary of age group.

For your next spring event with your daughter or photo opp, cute floral dresses in any silhouette are perfectly appropriate. Off the shoulder is 100% on trend right row, as are tunic dresses, halter top and shift dresses. From a vacation cruise to a stay at a resort to weddings or simply sunday fundays, floral prints will put you and your little girl right in season and on trend!

Pineapple Clothing Mommy and Me Fun Sundresses, Chic Resortwear

Feminine, Flirty and Fun Sun Dresses

Floral isn’t the only way to convey the flirty, fun and feminine energy of the spring and summer seasons. Lace dresses are also super popular this year. Lace is a surprisingly versatile fabric, creating dresses and looks that can be boho chic, almost gypsy-like, as well as delicate and soft. For the softer side of lace, empire waist dresses are an adorable silhouette that’s perfectly appropriate for younger girls and for women. It tends to give off a youthful, innocent aura.

Many cute outfits for girls this season also feature spring appropriate pastel colors. These softer hues can be matched by mommy for resort wear, church, communion and wedding looks, brunching outfits and so much more.

Resortwear: Pineapple Clothing, Cubavera

Tropical and Cuban Inspired Looks

The closer it gets to Summer, the more tropical fashion will get. Summer outfits this year in particular seem to be heading in a very caribbean direction - specifically to the island of Cuba. In light of recent events, Cuba has become a source of fascination and inspiration for many, including many big fashion brands. Perry Ellis’ Cubavera Spring 2017 Collection centered around Cuban inspired looks for men, showcased alongside tropical looks for women. Men’s button ups were modeled after the traditional guayaberas and are made of light, airy fabrics like linen. The women’s dresses seen in the collection’s shoot, provided by fashion brand Pineapple Clothing, featured plenty of tropical, floral prints with lots of color - very similar to the classic looks made famous by the island nation of Cuba. The looks made for perfect cruise clothing or caribbean inspired wedding themes.

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