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Fun Sister Bonding Activities for Young Girls

by Rebecca Gold 09 Sep 2020

There’s a special magic between sisters. Whether it’s sisters with many years between them or sisters who are close in age or twins; the bond of sisterhood is unique and special. Some sisters have wonderful relationships while others can be a bit more challenging. Whatever the case, as a parent, it’s always a good idea to find ways to encourage sister time. As they grow up, it’s not always guaranteed that they will stay close; they may grow apart and one day find themselves wondering where all the time went. If you’re looking for ways to have your girls make memories together that they can cherish for years to come, here are a few fun sister bonding activities you can have them do:

Make Cookies or Bake Together


image via @handleywright


image via @danielle.donohue

Depending on your girls’ ages, you may have to be present to oversee their cooking or you might not have to be involved at all. But making cookies or baking a cake or cupcakes together is a great way to have your girls spend time together. The sweet smells of what they’re making will forever imprint on their memories, as it is said that scent is one of the major things that evoke distant memories for humans. They’ll have fun making them, then decorating, learning how to bake together and of course, everyone will enjoy the result - a freshly baked batch of cookies, cupcakes or cake! 

Sign Them up for a Yoga, Gymnastics or Dance Class Together


image via @flow.victoria


image via @adaatumbles

Learning something new and enjoying music brings anyone together! We bond even more than ever when we share an impactful learning experience in tandem. Get your girls into a dance or yoga class and watch them bond over their new experiences. They’ll have new dances to bring home and practice with each other. They’ll be able to relate to each other and help each other. Make it extra fun and get them some matching printed yoga leggings or dance tights with bright, fun prints and colors. Get them some cute, custom printed tees so they can feel like a true unit. The cute dancewear will be an extra motivator for them. Whether it’s hip hop, ballet, jazz, salsa, flamenco, or whatever dance genre they are into, their sisterhood will be stronger than ever in a dance class. 

Take them to a Theme Park


image via @aprilsdestiny


image via @thescagsociety

One thing that really brings people together is thrilling experiences, especially at younger ages. Something most kids love doing is going to a theme park, riding some roller coasters, playing games and enjoying memorable rides. Let their earlier memories of doing this be with their siblings. When they grow up, your girls will be able to look back and remember their days of feeling butterflies as they got in line for a roller coaster, the feeling of excitement as they got on, and the the release of fear and the fun they had on those wild rides - but more importantly, they’ll remember they did all that together. They might laugh remembering how scared the other one was and how loud one screamed - whatever moments they share, the memories will for sure last them both a lifetime. 

Have a Family Competition: Them Vs You 


image via @jennypivonka


image via @ivseasonsoflove

Having girls compete against each other may or may not be good for their relationship. For some sisters, it works wonders. For others, it may be something that creates problems in their relationship down the road. But one thing that will definitely bring them together? Having them team up together. If it’s them and you and your spouse, have the sisters team up against the parents. If there are boys in the family, maybe do a game where it’s boys vs girls. Whether it’s a game of tag, volleyball,  hide and seek, a trivia game, a monopoly game or whatever, having them team up regularly is a great way to have them strengthen their bond! They’ll get used to strategizing together, trusting each other, confiding in one another and many other sisterly relationship goals for further down the road.

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