Posted on by Rebecca Gold

Summer is finally coming to a close and everyone who loves the hot, sunny days is letting out a collective sigh of disappointment. It’s true, the summer has tons of reasons to love it - but so does Fall! Don’t be sad about the season we’re leaving behind - instead, get excited about all the fun things ahead! Here are a few reasons to get pumped about the 3rd quarter of the year! 


Back to School

For kids and adults alike, this is an exciting time for sure. After a full summer of staying at home, seeing old friends and meeting new friends is a welcome change of pace for kids. They get a fresh new schedule of classes, new notebooks, backpacks and school supplies...and of course, all those fresh new outfits to go along with it! May we recommend a custom printed shirt with a cute design, or a catchy or custom phrase that will express their personality and attract new friends?


Spooky and Scary Movies

Calling all scream queens and scary movie fans! Fall is the season when Halloween happens and that means watching all your favorite scary movies. Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th? Harry Potter or Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown? Watch it all! Grab some caramel popcorn, mulled apple cider and a cozy blanket. Turn off the lights - it’s time for a horror movie marathon. And since it's a spooky season - it’s totally appropriate to watch nothing but spooky or scary movies and shows every night!


Workouts in the Crisp Fall Air

Been doing your best to stay fit all summer long but hating the heat? We feel you! It takes a special kind of beast mode to push yourself and keep up on your cardio in 88 degree weather! Fall is here to cut you a break. It won’t plunge the weather into freezing temperatures like winter, but it will cool things off enough to make outdoor workouts comfortable again! Put in some earbuds, throw on a cute pair of printed leggings and a matching sports bra + a lightweight long sleeved shirt and get your workout going!


Changing Leaves

Live somewhere where the leaves change colors? Lucky you! Grab your PSL and run outside for some amazing photo opps! Not so lucky? Sounds like it’s time for a Fall road trip for some leaf hunting! This is the quintessential fall scene that makes for PERFECT fall selfies, photos and posts. Make sure you stock up on all the best Fall style looks - rustic colors, boho prints, darker hues, boots, knits and scarves.

Fall Wardrobe! 

This might be the very best reason to get excited about Fall. You get to revamp your closet - that means a whole new wardrobe with all the latest fall looks. That means plaids, rustic colors and boho prints. Dark or richly saturated nail polish hues, boots, jeans, and scarves. Even your fitness gear can take on an autumn vibe with fall floral printed sports bras, shorts and leggings


Lastly, layer up! While summer was too hot to wear more than 1 layer at a time, the cooler temperatures in Fall invite interesting ensembles like floor length dusters paired with jeans + a top; dresses + cardigans and a scarf, athleisure looks like matching leggings + sports bra with a cozy sweater over it and so much more. Own Fall and watch how exciting the season becomes for you!