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The Best Advice You've Ever Heard About Mommy and Me Dresses

by Ivanna Griner 09 Apr 2017

When you’re a mom, there’s nothing you want more than to spend every waking moment with your child; and when your child happens to be a girl, there’s an extra special bond there. Every little girl grows up looking up to their mom as their very first role model. She emulates everything, from the way she walks and talks to the way she does her hair, her makeup and even how she dresses. This means there’s a unique opportunity for mother and daughter to really connect through fashion with mother and daughter matching outfits.

However, sometimes, mommy and me dresses and outfits can come across a bit costumey; sometimes, kids aren’t all about the whole matchy matchy thing when they hit a certain age. There are certain key things to keep in mind to pull this look off right - here’s how to rock mother and daughter matching outfits the right way:

Styles and Prints that work for both Mom and Daughter

Twinning with your daughter doesn’t mean you have to compromise your own style or hers. Some Mommy and Me outfits can look either too mature or matronly for the daughter or too childish for the mother. The key to making your mother daughter dresses or outfits work for both of you is to choose designs, silhouettes and prints that work for both girls and women. This is also going to help you if your daughter is nearing that independent phase when she doesn’t necessarily want to be doing everything with mom. If the outfit is cute enough or her to love, she’ll rock it proudly!

Designs that work for both mom and daughter have to find a neutral ground that bridges the age groups. A vibrant, floral print will make a young girl feel like a princess and a mom feel fun and energetic. Sometimes, cute outfits for girls aren’t always complimentary on mom, who belongs in a different age group. Poufy ballerina skirts might look cute on a young girl, but will look downright silly on mom! To avoid this, find silhouettes that work for both age groups, like A-line dresses, mommy and me shift dresses, empire waist dresses, leggings and custom personalized tees.

Another way to make this work for both mom and daughter is matching pieces; for example, mom can be rocking a blue, floral print dress while daughter is wearing a blue floral print blouse with white pants or skirt.

Match While the Magic is Still There

Young girls tend to absolutely idolize their mothers; from birth up through ages 10 to 11, sometimes even 12, mom is their heroine. However, the same can’t always be said with those teenage years. The infamous rebellious years are always expected once a girl hits her teen years and many times, she wants to prove her independence. This phase can sometimes start in their pre-teen years; basically, once you hit double digits, you can’t guarantee your daughter will necessarily play ball with you when trying to pull off a matchy look.

That means you should be taking advantage of all those mommy and me moments while you can - get those photo shoots in! Hit social events with your matching looks! And most of all, stock up on variety so you can do the matching mommy and me outfits as many times as possible without repeating looks.

Keep these key points in mind and your possibilities are endless! Your memories together will be cherished for years to come.

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