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Why Boho Chic is the Style of the Season for Fall

by Ivanna Griner 16 Oct 2017

Summer’s at its end and fall is back again - that means another exciting style update for your wardrobe. Last year it was all fur and ruffles, plaid and turtlenecks. This year, however, we’re obsessing over the floral trend that’s continuing into the fall. 2017 has been all about flower power and the new season is not slowing it down; just evolving into slightly darker and richer hues. There’s a shift towards comfort and layers; fabrics that move. This paired with the floral prints, slightly darker more rustic hues means the name of the game this season is 100% boho chic!

Head to Toe Boho

The whimsical, free spirited feel that we saw at music festivals is sticking around for fall. That means if you are a flower child, this is your moment. If you’ve never ventured into this style, it’s time to switch it up to something new. Boho style means effortless chic manifested through flowy boho dresses and tops. The best thing about Boho taking over the season is how fashionable comfort is now. Casual fall dresses featuring rustic floral prints, romantic lace, and layers can be your entire look and be totally on trend.

Mix and Match

Maybe you’re not all the way Janis Joplin and have a little Victoria Beckham in you. You don’t have to do head to toe boho all season long. Try mixing up boho with posh, pairing more elegant or edgier pieces in your closet; for example - rocking lace boho tops and tunics with some ripped jeans or - if you’re really daring - leather leggings! (A little leather and lace is always a great statement look!) An interesting geometric print or floral print top that flows and fits loose can add a nice contrast against tight fitted bottoms - this will also flatter your shape no matter what.

Boho for Special Events

Don’t make the mistake of thinking boho is just for casual days - the style is so on trend, expect to see it at dressy social gatherings, family events and even weddings! Fall bridesmaid dresses don’t necessarily have to be solid; add a unique flair to the bridal party lineup by contrasting the pure white or off white of the bride’s gown with boho floral print. Try pairing boho fall bridesmaid dresses with ethereal flower crowns or leaf crowns for an extra romantic look. For engagement parties and baby showers, lace dresses are a gorgeous, feminine look that matches the mood of the moment impeccably.

Break the Rules

They say no white after labor day; They also say plus size women shouldn’t rock prints and stick to slimming solids - we say burn the rule book! Who made them anyway? Personal style is all about expressing who you are, how you feel and wearing whatever it is you want to wear, when you want to wear it!

If you’re going boho this season, try rocking an angelic boho white dress to brunch on sundays, to baby showers, birthdays and other social gatherings. If you’re looking to complete the look, pair it with camel colored ankle booties, earthy jewelry and a flower crown. You’ll stand out, turn heads and inspire others to break the rules in style!

As for the ban on plus size prints, forget it - there really are no limitations to plus size fall fashion. Some of the most “slimming” looks are actually printed! Certain floral prints, such as light colored flowers on a dark fabric that fits loosely and comfortably are perfect for plus size. Sleeved and Sleeveless shift dresses are another boho staple that lend themselves beautifully to flattering every shape. The best part of all this boho style this fall? It’s a fashion trend that is so comfortable you won’t want it to change!
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