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Spring Workout Style 2020

by Rebecca Gold 11 Mar 2020

The winter is quickly melting away and we’re finally approaching springtime! Yes, it might be time for a Spring cleaning sesh, but it’s ALSO time to refresh that spring workout wardrobe with the year’s hottest looks and trendiest styles, prints and colors. Refreshing that activewear wardrobe is a fun and effective way to keep yourself focused and motivated to hit the gym consistently...because when you buy a new outfit, what’s the first thing you want to do? Find an occasion to wear it!

Floral Printed Activewear

The annual spring floral print is up to bat! You can never go wrong with a good floral printed legging or floral printed sports bra during the springtime. Whether it’s a wispier watercolor flower, a Japanese Sakura or a bold daisy, a blossoming flower is simply the quintessential vibe for this time of year. Beautiful flora printed activewear with white backgrounds or light-colored backgrounds are once again the seasonal favorite. 

Pastels and Muted Tones

Spring is traditionally a time of year when pastel palettes are trending and 2020 is no different. A very on-trend version of this light-colored feel is the muted or nude tones look. This year, a hot trend is choosing muted or nude tones like sandy-beiges; light coral pink colors; aquas; pistachio, light-colored mint or sage; lavenders and periwinkle or denim shade blues. These pastel or nude palettes can be worn on solid-colored activewear, or show up and make their presence known on a pair of printed yoga leggings or printed sports bra. Pair with white or off-white sneakers and a loose zip jacket and you’ll look super fresh, light and airy as you get through that workout. 


image via @ashlynbmodel


image via @_irasistible_

Glitter Printed Activewear

Can you imagine wearing activewear that is entirely covered in real glitter? Sure, it might look cool, but it’s almost impossible to get rid of once it’s starts falling off the garment - then add sweat to the mix and it will be an absolute disaster. The best solution is to opt for glitter printed activewear instead. Glitter printed leggings and sports bras with different color combinations are the best way to go to achieve that super glam style without making one big glittery mess all over the place! 


image via @timpriss


image via @dancingconfetti

Printed Biker Shorts 

Biker shorts have been a thing for most of 2019; and now, they’re not going anywhere in 2020. Biker shorts are the ones that stop just above the knee; these shorts are the ones that offer more coverage and are longer than the slightly outdated ‘daisy-dukes’ of before. The length is also super practical to protect your inner thighs from chafing and rubbing together. Biker shorts are a great piece to wear when taking a spin class or if you’re doing pilates. The biker short has primarily remained a solid-colored garment, seen mostly in blacks, whites and greys - all versatile colors that allow for the shorts to be mixed and matched with different looks and wardrobes. However, a fresh take on the biker shirt would be a printed biker short. Whether it’s chevron printed, floral printed or has a unique lemon print on it, you’ll look bold and adventurous as you workout.


image via @nicola.crisa


image via @laylaloves_dance

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