• Spring Refresh for Your Home, Mind, Body & Soul

    Spring Refresh for Your Home, Mind, Body & Soul

    Springtime is a season known for renewal and fresh starts which is why it’s the most popular time of year for cleanses, spring cleaning and spring breaks. Well into the year now, maybe you’ve been doing great keeping up with your resolutions or maybe you’ve fallen off a bit. If...

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  • Activewear Looks for Music Videos

    Activewear Looks for Music Videos

    Shooting a great music video means planning your looks ahead of time, having a clear creative direction and choosing some compelling outfits that look great on camera. Whether you’re shooting a quick Tik Tok video with some choreography or a a full-on music video production that feels more like a...

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  • Multitasking Your Activewear Wardrobe

    Multitasking Your Activewear Wardrobe

    Having a separate wardrobe for work, school, errands, parties and fitness is now a thing of the past. The world was already getting more casual and laid back, but once the pandemic hit, quarantine and work from home became a thing, it pretty much threw formalities out of the window....

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  • 2022 Fitness Fashion Forecast

    2022 Fitness Fashion Forecast

    A new year means a fresh new wave of fashion favorites - and athletic fashion is no exception! As you update your work wardrobe, your street wear and your party pieces, don’t forget about your workout looks. Updating your gym outfits isn’t just about vanity; the act of investing in...

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  • Feel-Good Fitness For People Who Hate the Gym

    Feel-Good Fitness For People Who Hate the Gym

    We all know by now that staying active is super important for our physical and mental health, but not everyone is into the traditional gym setting. And well, it’s very understandable - the crappy lighting, the crowded spaces, the machine hogs who take way too long on the machines and...

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  • Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

    Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

    Valentine’s Day is best known for celebrating romance between couples, but it is a great opportunity and perfect time to show the people we care about how much we love and appreciate them! For young kids, it’s their first introduction into how exciting love can be. At school, they’ll most...

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