• 5 Benefits of Adopting a Dog

    5 Benefits of Adopting a Dog

    Ask any dog owner what the benefits of owning a dog are and they will give you so much more than just 5. But we’ll keep it short and sweet with some of the best reasons why your family REALLY needs a new, furry family member! Spoiler alert: your life...

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  • Incorporating Meditation Into your Family Routine

    Incorporating Meditation Into your Family Routine

    We live in a hectic, fast-paced world, full of information that can cause stress. These days, it’s more important than ever to take a moment, slow down, breathe and center yourself. This is important for everyone - not just adults. Contrary to what many parents tend to think, kids get...

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  • Ways to Keep Your Family Fit

    Ways to Keep Your Family Fit

    Families nowadays are usually juggling tons of responsibilities that fill up their calendars quickly. Staying active and fit can be a challenge for parents and kids with a lot to do. However, as parents and the example, it’s up to you to show your kids how to prioritize their time...

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  • Mommy and Me Fourth of July Outfits

    Mommy and Me Fourth of July Outfits

    Independence Day is almost here and that means bbq’s, picnics, beach days, fireworks and family time. It’s the pinnacle of summer! The Fourth of July is an all-American holiday, perfect for showing off your patriotic side. Rocking red, white or blue is basically a non-negotiable. Bonus points if you can...

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  • Family Bonding Time Ideas

    Family Bonding Time Ideas

    School is out and Summer has arrived. That means more time at home with the kids! This might be something you’re either dreading or looking forward to, but the best thing to do is to start planning ways to implement family time together. You won’t always have your kids home...

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  • Cool Mother-Daughter Activities

    Cool Mother-Daughter Activities

    Every mother-daughter connection is special. Plus, every girl, whether little or a bit bigger, loves spending time with her mom. It’s really important to carve out special bonding time with our kids. So, here are some special mother-daughter activities that give us the perfect opportunity to spend precious time together....

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